Happily Ever After?

By: Cher Etan

Danny pulled away just as Bain was about to come and pumped him through it. He had a tissue ready for when Bain blew his load and then tucked him neatly away as if he was the world’s sexiest valet. Bain ran his hands affectionately through Danny’s long blonde locks.

“Thank you,” he said softly. “What was that for?”

Danny shrugged, eyes cast down as he straightened Bain’s pants, “I just caught sight of you watching me during the show and you looked like you were really awe struck. It kind of turned me on.”

“Yeah?” Bain said with a smile. “Want me to return the favor?”

Danny looked up at him and smiled, “Sure. But not here. I got about an hour to finish up then we can go home. Can you wait?”

“Do fairies love Liza Minelli?” Bain replied.

Danny’s smile widened and deepened with affection as he leaned up to give Bain a kiss. His gray eyes sparkled with something, Bain didn’t know what, but he liked it.

“See you soon,” he whispered as he stood up to go. He signaled to the waiter to bring Bain some champagne and hors d’ouvres. This was a high class joint after all, and Bain was in the VIP section.


Meaghan dragged her sorry ass home in the morning. There had been an accident in Brownsville and the ambulance had some trouble getting on the scene. Which meant that patients were brought in, in much more serious condition than they otherwise needed to be in. Two were in critical condition and Meaghan had spent two solid nonstop hours trying to get them stable. She had her own place but she wanted to pass by her mother’s and speak to her before she left for work.

One of the patients had died on the table and Meaghan was feeling it; she needed her mother, who was a nurse, to walk her through the pain of losing her first patient. Tell her how to get over it and be alright. She drew up at the trailer park just as Mr. Henley was opening his garage. She waved to him and he waved back with a delighted smile, motioning for her to come in but she shook her head. She could see that the lights were still on in her mother’s home; she tended to wake up before it was light out so she used artificial light until she left for work. Meaghan walked up to the door and knocked.

“Meaghan,” her mother said as she opened the door.

“Mama,” Meaghan replied and stepped forward to hug her mother.

Amanda Leonard pulled her daughter into the house and shut the door. She knew that look on Meaghan’s face. She’d seen it many times on her husband’s. Something had gone terribly wrong at work and she was in need of succor.

“Tell me all about it,” she said soothingly seating Meaghan down and placing a cup of coffee in front of her.

“I don’t want to delay you,” Meaghan protested weakly.

“Stuff and nonsense. I’m head nurse now. If I can’t be late once every blue moon I don’t know what the world is coming to.”

Meaghan smiled and drank her coffee. It was true; her mother was never late for anything. She must look worse than she’d imagined if her mother was willing to be late for work to hear what she had to say…

“So Courtney Vance showed me a picture of you in a magazine. You were the ‘mystery gal’ with Dean Wesson at some gala or other,” her mother said with a dry smile. Meaghan huffed a laugh.

“Yeah, they haven’t found out who I am yet,” she said and shuddered gently. “That’s definitely the downside of this whole, dating a billionaire thing.”

“Well you didn’t think it’d be all sunshine and roses did you?”

Meaghan shrugged but said nothing. She really couldn’t be bothered by some picture in a magazine right now.

“Anyway…” she said with a deep sigh.

“Yes?” her mother encouraged.

Meaghan looked down at her cup, trying to think how to frame this. “I lost a patient today,” she said at last in a small voice. Amanda leaned in to cover Meaghan’s hand with hers.

“I’m sorry darling,” she said.

Meaghan tried to smile. “It was…I did everything I could,” she choked and the tears started to fall. Amanda stood up quickly and hurried around the table to put her arms around her daughter and sway with her slowly, comforting her the only way she could. Meaghan leaned into her, burying her head in her mother’s chest and just bawled like a new born. She hiccuped apologies into her mother’s jacket for getting snot everywhere but her mother just shushed her, rubbing her back and murmuring nonsensical words as if she was a baby with her first boo boo. Meaghan leaned into her mother’s bosom, feeling comforted in spite of also feeling foolish for crying like a baby.

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