Happily Ever After?

By: Cher Etan

Meaghan started awake; her phone ringing insistently on the pillow beside her. Bain was calling.

Chapter 2

Bain picked her up at noon from her mother’s in his work SUV. It was dark gray, had tinted windows and was good for any terrain. In spite of his extremely effeminate ways, he was a well respected architect who was invited to head up projects all over the country and beyond. It was not just because of his connections either. Apparently he felt that this called for the big guns so he’d roped in his personal shopper to get them appropriate attire. She was waiting for them at Bain’s house with a selection of clothes.

“Bain, you know I can’t afford personal shopper type clothes. And before you say it, no you don’t get to pay for my shit.”

“Ha! As if. You’re doing Judy a favor trust me. Designers pay her to get their clothes on people like you.” Bain said.

“What do you mean, people like me? I’m nobody.”

“Oh no honey, you’re the mystery girl everyone wants to know about on the arm of New York’s latest ‘youngest CEO ever’ or whatever they’re calling Dean this week.”

“Oh,” Meaghan said, “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Yes, well, that’s why you have uncle Bain to do your thinking for you,” he said patting her on the knee, eyes still on the road. They traveled the rest of the way in silence, Meaghan taking advantage of the traffic to nap. She was relieved that she didn’t have to traipse from shop to shop looking for clothes in her unslept state. Besides she was still kind of disoriented from the weird dream she’d had.

“I love you Bain,” she mumbled gratefully into her hand as she burrowed deeper into the comfortable leather.

“Love you too baby girl,” Bain replied as he concentrated on his driving. They arrived at his house to find Danny waiting with Judy, practically jumping up and down with excitement.

“I can’t believe you scored tickets to the Furious 7 premiere!” he exclaimed. “Those things are like gold right now.”

Meaghan smiled, “Yeah, well I’d like to take the credit but it was all Dean.”

“Oh my Gawd you have the best boyfriend in the world,” Danny said and Bain gave him a look.

“The best straight boyfriend,” Danny amended.

Bain snorted and went into the house to greet Judy. Danny and Meaghan linked arms and followed him, talking a mile a minute about brushing up against celebrities and other things their significant others took for granted.

“Meaghan come here and meet Judy,” Bain called cutting them off. Meaghan went to greet the personal shopper who gushed excitedly as well over her premiere.

“You must be so excited!” she exclaimed rubbing at Meaghan’s arms.

“Yeah, I am,” Meaghan said with slightly less enthusiasm. She did not know this woman; it was kind of awkward to have her fawning over Meaghan like this. Still she was slowly getting used to it. It was happening more and more every time she was seen out with Dean. Still…it disconcerted her every time.

“I have some excellent gowns here for you. They’ll look fabulous with your figure. Look at those Kardashian hips you got. My, it's right on trend.”Judy said as she led Meaghan to the clothes. She shot Bain a ‘rescue me’ look but he just smiled at her, wrapping his arms around Danny and giving every impression of having no intention of moving ever. Judy led her to the dresses, still talking a mile a minute and picked up three for Meaghan to try.

“I think these are absolutely your color. Go on, strip. Let’s see how they fit,” Judy encouraged. Meaghan stared at her in disbelief, then at the clothes then at Bain.

“Strip? Here?” she asked already putting a hand up protectively over her breasts.

“Oh don’t be shy. We’ve all seen it anyway. Come on, we need to see how these fit,” Judy said encouraging her with hand gestures to remove it all.

“Take everything off, even underwear. I have some of those for you to try as well,” Judy continued. Meaghan felt her knees go weak. What?

“Umm, Judy? Excuse me a minute,” she said grabbing Bain’s arm and pulling him to the corner.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she whispered desperately.

Bain laughed, “Doing what? Helping you get ready for your ball Cinderella?”

“Yeah that. What’s with the stripping and the being naked in front of people?”

Judy was looking over at them with an expression of inquiry on her face.

“I guess Judy is used to dressing models and celebrities and gays. They’re not shy about nudity. She must have figured since you hang with us you wouldn’t be a shrinking violet either,” Bain said.

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