Happily Ever After?

By: Cher Etan

Dean waved his hand, “Beside the point. The point being she should apologize,” he said folding his hand, battle in his eyes.

“Excuse me! She slapped me!” Judy said.

“Totally justified considering what you said. Anyone would be upset.”

“What did she say-“

“Dean shush-“

Bain and Meaghan spoke simultaneously.

“She called Meaghan a thief,” Dean answered Bain who immediately blanched.

“What?” he said turning to Judy, face pale.

“Well she is!” Judy declared. “Where’s my tiara huh?”

“Don’t you think if she had it, she’d have given it to you? Meaghan’s been an A+ student throughout her life. Don’t you think if she wanted to steal your pearls or whatever she’d have come up with a cleverer way to do it?”

“Bain!” Meaghan exclaimed.

“Trust you to take her side,” Dean jeered.

“I am not taking her side!” Bain snapped. “I’m simply pointing out the failure in her reasoning.”

“Oh yeah, sure, cover your bases now,” Dean sneered. Bain opened his mouth to say something biting back.

“STOP FIGHTING,” Meaghan shouted.

Both Bain and Dean stopped short staring at Meaghan in shock. She never shouted.

“I’ve just about had it with you two and your endless bickering. This is about me and my mistake. So step back and let me take care of it!”

She was very surprised when both Bain and Dean actually stepped back and gave her room.

“Now Judy, I am sincerely sorry that I slapped you but I felt provoked because of your subliminal racist comments. I was offended by what you said and acted without thinking. I did not steal your tiara and I have no idea where it went. I will make arrangements to pay you at your earliest convenience.”

Judy nodded stiffly, “My clothes please…”

Bain handed her a paper bag and she went into the bathroom to change into a pair of his jeans and a shirt. They were a little tight on the hips and big on the waist but he’d brought a belt as well so she made it work. Her shirt hung over everything, covering the hot mess happening in there. She came out and handed the paper bag to Judy who made a point of checking that everything…else…was in there.

“When can I expect the cash?” she demanded. Bain came forward and took her hand pulling her toward the door.

“Come on Judy, we’re all friends here. Let’s discuss this on the way to your car,” he said with a backward glance at Dean and Meaghan. Dean frowned with annoyance but let Bain win that one while Meaghan was just grateful she’d left.

Chapter 3

“Uh,” Meaghan said, reaching for Dean as soon as he was within range. She was shaking all over but the anger was gone. “Fuck. Dean, I...”

“Yeah. Yeah Meaghan, it’s okay, c'mere.” Dean touched her compulsively, took her hands and they were freezing and Meaghan clutched back, pressing her fingers into Dean's arms, Dean's shoulders, the back of Dean's neck. It sent crazy signals zapping through Dean's body, still aroused from the argument he’d had with Bain.

He got his fingers into Meaghan's hair and kissed her, fierce and blind. Meaghan pushed into it, kissed back, returning Dean's assault open-mouthed. Her hands slipped under Dean's shirt like ice and Dean's skin pebbled with gooseflesh. The balcony looked out over the city, and there was no shelter from the wind.

Dean got his hands inside Meaghan's shirt at the neck, pushing back the layers because he needed to touch Meaghan where she was warm. The newly exposed flesh called to Dean, begging to be bitten, so Dean bit, gently, kissing and sucking a path down Meaghan's throat, her shoulders, the top of her breasts. Meaghan tasted like Nirvana.

“Dean,” Meaghan said, tugging at Dean's belt, and it was a plea. Her other arm was rigid against Dean's back, locking them together, vibrating as Meaghan's body trembled and made Dean's body tremble too. Meaghan's eyes were impossibly dark, both of them charged with energy that needed to go somewhere, and soon. If they couldn’t discharge this way then they'll have to run, or fight, or something, but they were doing this. They were really doing this; here on the balcony, possibly to the edification of the entire city with the driver and the security guy waiting uncomfortably in the room.

“Yeah,” Dean said, voice coming out rough. He unbuckled Meaghan's jeans and his employees hastily scatter, slamming the door behind them. Meaghan worked Dean's jeans open, worked Dean's cock free. Her hands were a little warmer but still cool to the touch and Dean shuddered from head to foot. It felt wonderful, and then a million times better when he got his own hands on Meaghan's pussy, hot and heavy with blood. Finally, finally.

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