Her Billionaire Widower

By: Cher Etan

A woman in a bikini jogging on the beach stopped and she frantically explained about how Callum had fallen into the pool. Before she knew it, the woman was blowing in Callum’s mouth and then she was calling an ambulance. Very soon, there was a huge car on the beach with flashing lights and they were being taken to the nearest hospital. The jogger woman came with them just to explain what happened. Nadya didn’t know Callum’s last name or his father’s number. She did know they were staying at the complex but she didn’t know the address of that either or how to get there. She did explain that it was down the beach from where they found them. Pretty soon there were a number of people in suits standing around talking in low tones and staring at both children.

It was an interminable time later that both Nadya’s mother and Callum’s dad walked into the hospital.

“Nadya! What happened?” Angela asked bending down to put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders.

“Ca-Callum f-fell into th-the poo-poo-pool,” Nadya said shaking with reaction now that the adults were here. There was a tall man behind her mother, staring down at her with wide eyes. He looked mad. He looked mad at Nadya. She burst into tears wondering if she was in trouble.

“Hey. Hey it's okay. Everything’s fine okay? Shh,” Angela said patting her awkwardly on the back. One of the suited people came by and spoke softly to Callum’s dad.

“Mr. Ambrose?” she said. “Can we talk?”

They went off into the corner and whatever the woman was saying, it was making Callum’s dad even more unhappy. Nadya’s heart was beating hard and she was scared to death. She clutched her mother tighter to her. Angela followed where her daughter’s eyes were looking. By the stiff way that David was holding himself she could tell that there was some sort of problem.

“Stay here,” she said with a smile at Nadya. She walked over to the woman and David, holding out her card.

“Good afternoon, my name is Angela Graham; I’m an attorney. Could I be of help here?” she asked. Callum turned to look at her, shock on his face.

“Well, the thing is, this woman seems to think I…and you…are neglectful parents. She’s from child protective services.”

“I see,” Angela said turning to face the lady. “Angela Graham, and you are…?”

“Sarah Mclachlan, CPS. The hospital called me when they could not find the parents of these two children.”

“Well, I certainly do understand how it looks but clearly it was an honest mistake. We had entrusted our children into the care of the complex babysitters at the Latigha Resort. The children wandered off, got into the accident and were brought to the hospital without anyone notifying the resort. When the babysitters realized that the two were missing; a manhunt was launched. Believe me, there was no negligence in this case.”

“We would need the resort to corroborate that story,” Sarah said.

“But of course. We would expect nothing less,” Angela dug in her bag. “Here is a business card for the resort; you can contact them at any time. Meanwhile I’m sure Mr…Ambrose? Is anxious to see his son. We shouldn’t delay him any longer.”

Sarah nodded taking the card and David met her eyes with gratitude.

“I expect you want to take your daughter home? I…we will see you later,” he said before walking towards the wards. Angela took a deep breath and reached out for her daughter’s hand.

“Are you okay baby?” she asked.

“Uh huh,” Nadya said with a small nod.

“Okay then how about we go home, eat some ice cream and go to bed early?” she suggested.

“You and me?” Nadya clarified.

“Of course.”

Nadya stared at her, “Okay then.”

“Great,” Angela said with a sad smile. She realized her daughter was surprised that she wanted to spend time with her. She really needed to do something about that.


David walked into Callum’s room, his heart dropping into his boots at seeing his son’s pale face; his body so small on the bed.

“Oh Callum,” he whispered to his boy. He had a drip in his arm and seemed to be fast asleep. David walked toward his son and put a hand on his forehead. He was clammy and there was a line of stitches on his right temple. Just the sight of it tore at David’s heart.

Callum turned his head, his eyes fluttering open.

“Da-dad?” he murmured.

“Hey kiddo. How you doing?”

“My head hurts.”

“Yeah? Maybe you should go back to sleep then. I’m right here. I won’t go anywhere.”

“Okay daddy.”


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