Her Billionaire Widower

By: Cher Etan

He might have been able to run away from his life in England; but he couldn’t run from his child. He just had to play the hand he was dealt and hope he didn’t fuck Callum up too much.

“Daddy, daddy!” his son called to him and David stood immediately and hurried to that voice. He could hardly help himself; the amount of distress in his son’s voice pulled at something visceral in him that he could not deny or ignore.

“What? What is it Cal?” he asked entering his child’s nursery. It was stocked with every type of toy or merchandise designed to appeal to a little boy’s heart…or girl’s. David wasn’t picky.

“Raphael turned his pet turtle into a giant!” Callum said wide blue eyes on his father as he pointed at the screen.

“Oh,” David said willing his heart rate to slow down. “Is that all?”

“He’s gonna destroy Raphael’s brothers!” Cal said looking incredulous that David didn’t grasp the seriousness of the matter. David folded his six foot three frame onto the thick rug Callum was sitting on and gathered him close.

“Right,” he said leaning back on the couch. “But don’t the ninja turtles always escape danger?” he asked Callum who had folded himself comfortably onto David’s lap.

“I guess,” he mumbled, soft head resting on David’s arm.

David looked down at his son, eyes wide and intent on the thirty inch flat screen on where Mikey, Leo and Donnie were still yet unaware of the havoc Raphael had unleashed on them all. He sat back and watched with him, exclaiming in all the right places. Maybe he could do this.



“Mama, when will I see you again?” Nadya asked her mother, clinging to her skirts. Her father, Jeff, was half Mexican so she had inherited his long brown hair which fell in waves to almost her waist. Her big brown eyes stared at her mother hopefully. Angela tried, she did, to come as often as she could but with her crazy work hours it was hard to see her daughter every day.

“I have meetings all week darling; I might not make it till Friday,” she said and watched as her daughter’s eyes filled with tears.

“After that though, I have some time off coming and maybe you and I can go off somewhere together. Would you like that?” she hastily added. Nadya’s eyes widened.

“You mean it?” she asked as if she didn’t dare hope this was not a joke or a trick. The look in her eyes broke Angela’s heart.

“Of course I mean it. School’s out on Friday right? We could go on a holiday. Two whole weeks!”




“I promise Nadya. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Okay Mama,” Nadya said and smiled. The smile said she really hoped her mother would keep that promise but there were too many other broken promises in the past for her to completely believe it. Angela wanted to cry.

“Okay then,” she said leaning in to kiss Nadya on the cheek. “I’ll see you then okay?”

“Okay mom.”


As soon as she got home, Angela got online, looking for somewhere suitable to take a nine year old girl where she could have fun without breaking Angela’s bank. She wanted somewhere she could also maybe have access to online communications. She was too close to making partner to not work at all for two weeks. That would just be stupid.

Just last week she’d been at a cocktail party with Harvey who was the managing partner and he’d as good as told her that if she brought in a big money client a partnership was in her very near future. So somewhere she could prospect, keep in touch with the office and still have fun times with her kid.

“I’m thinking beach location,” she told herself as she turned to Google. “Yeah. Nadya loves to swim and I like the beach. So do a lot of rich folk. Win win win.”

She almost ignored her phone when it rang but then it might be the office.

“Angela Graham,” she said.

“Angie darling, how are you? I haven’t heard from you in forever.”

It was kismet. Lisa Cox was the real estate agent who’d gotten Angela her current house. They had hit it off and kept in touch throwing each other business where appropriate. It was a very…symbiotic relationship.

“Hi Lisa. Good to hear from you. What’s up?”

“Not much. Just having drinks with Cooper Smith and he has a little divorce thing going on that he needs to deal with. I thought of you,” she said.

“Wonderful. Set it up. On that note, I have a question for you.”


“I’m looking for holiday locations, beachfront, ideal for the working parent.”

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