Her Billionaire Widower

By: Cher Etan

"Jesus, Niana! Watch where you're pointing that thing!" Doug sounded more pissed than Niana had heard him in a hell of a long time. She shook her head and stuffed the gun in the back of her jeans. Whatever was on the ground wasn't a threat if the way Doug was crouched down in front of it was any indication. Niana tried to step closer, see around Doug's shoulders, and when her partner finally stood up and turned to face her, Niana couldn't have possibly been more surprised.

Niana blinked and stared. "That's…"

Doug glared and shifted the bundle of cooing blankets in his arms. "If you say 'that's a baby' I'm gonna kick your ass, Niana."

Niana blinked again.

Because it was. It was a fucking baby, and Jesus Christ, what the hell had her visions gotten them into this time?


David sat back and read over what he’d just written. He wasn’t really convinced that it was what he wanted. He selected all the text and hovered over the delete button, debating.

“Daddy? Can I have some orange juice?” Callum asked walking into the room in his beach shorts and floaters. David turned away from his laptop.

“Sure thing kid. Let’s go get you something to drink. You off to the beach?” he asked as he padded to the kitchen, Callum following behind.

“Yeah. Nanny said I could,” he said.

“Good stuff. Just don’t drown or anything alright?” David said handing him a tetra pack.

“Okay daddy. Can I have some money to buy ice cream?” he asked holding his hand up.

David dug his hand into his pocket. “Yes. Stay in sight of the complex okay. Make sure the lifeguard can see you at all times.”

“Okay daddy, I will. Flora showed me where to swim yesterday,” Callum said taking the money. Flora was the complex child manager. She organized children’s activities and kept them entertained and out of their parents’ hair. Today was beach day David knew, and he was glad that Callum was having such a good time.

“Okay then, bye Cal,” David called as Callum headed to the elevator. Callum lifted his hand and waved to him as the doors opened. David went to the house phone to call Flora and confirm that Callum was on his way down. She confirmed that someone was waiting at the elevator and once they had Callum they would call up and confirm. Satisfied that he’d done his daddy duty, he went back to work, debating on whether to keep his latest chapter or delete and start again. What kind of name was Niana anyway? It was so obviously a bastardized version of Nina and the point was not to get sued by anyone or make it too obvious what he was doing.


Callum walked out of the lift, trying to take the woman’s hand that was waiting but she ignored him. She asked him to sit on the bench and wait while she collected the other kids and called their parents. Callum sat, arms folded; he knew how to be a good boy for the big people so they would like him and give him what he wanted. It was a trick he’d learned early on. The woman collected two other children, a big boy who looked about ten years old who wasn’t very nice and a brown skinned girl who was also big. She looked at him and really saw him, she smiled at him and held out her hand.

“Hi,” she said as he got off the bench and took her hand.

“Hi,” he replied smiling up at her as she slowed her steps to match his.

“What’s your name?” she asked looking like she really wanted to know.

“Callum. But my dad calls me Cal,” he said squeezing her hand.

“I’m Nadya. My mom calls me Nadya. Aren’t you too little to be here all by yourself?” her warm brown eyes stared into his blue ones with concern. Callum’s brow furrowed, it wasn’t like she was that much bigger than him.

“No. M’not by myself. My dad is upstairs.”

Nadya smiled, “What’s he doing?”

“Writing on his laptop,” Callum said.

“Yeah? My mother is talking on the phone. She’s always working.”



“I think my dad is always working too,” Callum said thoughtfully.

“Oh well…we can keep each other company at least,” Nadya said. Callum smiled, so happy to have made his first friend ever.


The four year old boy with jet black hair, large ears, and bright blue eyes sat on his knees, his tongue out trying to concentrate as he quickly turned over his bucket full of sand and patted the bottom twice before lifting it up, the big smile disappearing when what was meant to be a sandcastle collapsed.

"Wet it."

The dark haired boy turned to see the brown haired, brown eyed girl that befriended him at the elevators standing there looking at his would be sandcastle. "What?"

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