Her Billionaire's Bargain

By: Yvette Hines

He took a bite of his own cake and winked at her. “You think you could add a cupcake like this in your line up?”

Setting the bottle down between them, she bit into her dessert again and sat there for a moment not swallowing. He imagined she was taking apart the ingredients to determine what she would need.

“Hmm, maybe. It is very likely. I think a moist cake with a silky cocoa wine infused filling would create the same amazement for my customers.”


She laughed. “You look shocked. Like you believe we are making cupcakes from box recipes or something.”

Shrugging his shoulder, he answered honestly. “I didn’t give it much thought truthfully.”

“I’m not surprised to hear you say that. You’re a business tycoon, when you want a treat I’m sure you have multiple people on your staff who go out searching for just what you want.”

He stayed silent and stared out over the pond. There wasn’t much he could say to that. It wasn’t that he preferred not to do things himself, for himself. However, he knew that as soon as he uttered a word of something before it was fully out of his mouth someone was taking care of it.

She rocked her shoulder into his. “Don’t get all morose on me. I’m sure having others around to do your bidding has its perks.”

“And drawbacks.” He didn’t regret his life, but there were times that he missed simple things like going to get his own dessert. Or spending that moment with a beautiful woman undisturbed. His cell phone was off, but he was sure that when he turned it back on there would be several messages on it. Things he needed to take care of, reassurance messages that things had been taken care of and such. Dillon was efficient if nothing else.

“Since we know how staid my life is. Tell me. When you’re not baking creative cupcakes what are you doing?” He wanted to steer away from business talk.

It was her turn to become silent. Setting her tray on the grass on her other side she stared down at her hands playing with the sequin pattern along her dress. “I spend a lot of my free time at parks, zoos and reading children’s books out loud.”

“Ah, I should have figured you would be one of those big sister volunteer types.”

The gaze in her eyes was shadowed and distant when she glanced at him. He wondered at the reason behind the look. Most people enjoyed volunteer work, it was the reason they did it. He wondered if there was something else that drove her to reach out to those children, but he allowed her to keep her secret.

“You’re from a large family, do you want kids of your own?”

Her line of questioning shocked him for a moment. He couldn’t recall the last time someone asked him about his desire to have a family. Most of the women in his life enjoyed the lavish lifestyle they were a part of on his arm and were too into themselves and the glitz and glamour to think about children and settling down.

“I don’t put much thought into it. But, I guess I do. Maybe two or three like my parents raised. Are you from a large family?”

“No.” she picked up the wine bottle and took another drink. “It was just my mother and I from the time I was around one year old when my father died in a train derailment accident, until she remarried several years later.”

“You two are probably very close.”

A dry laugh came out. “You would think. However, when I was fifteen she married a man that had two small children and she liked the complete family package a little better. I was closer to my aunt, my father’s older sister, Joy. She was the one that owned the shop I now have. I spent every summer with her.”

He was beginning to understand this woman a lot better the more time he spent with her. Kourtney’s decision not to sign the contract was very personal to her. Not that the homes and other business owners had given up wasn’t just as important, but to Kourtney he could see that her taking care of this business had a deep significance for her. “It’s a legacy.”

Glancing at him, as if she forgot for a moment he was there, she frowned. “What is?”

“The cupcake store. Your aunt provided some kind of solace for you there and apparently willed it to you when she passed and now you want to keep it just how she left it to you.”

“Still standing with all four walls would be great.” She joked. “Something I can pass on.”

He smiled. “Maybe we can figure something out.”

Her eyes lit up. “Do you mean that?”

Chapter Three

Drawn in by the brilliance of joy in her gaze, he swallowed, attempting to moisten his mouth. There was something about this woman. She was infectious to his soul in a way that kept him feeling off kilter. Something that made him feel as if the ground under his feet wasn’t completely steady.

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