Her Billionaire's Bargain

By: Yvette Hines

When something or someone stood in the way of one of his top three priorities he moved it. The cupcake baker would have to be taken care of. Glancing over his shoulder at his right and left hand, Rebecca his office manager and Dillon his personal assistant, he asked, “I’m assuming that Harrold and Rover sent someone over there.”

Dillon sat up straighter and adjusted his tie. “Mr. Powers I made sure the lawyers went over personally.”

“And?” Zac shifted, fully facing them again.

“No success. She wouldn’t listen to reason.” Dillon threw his hands up. “I was on my way over before you walked in from the meeting.”

Zac knew Dillon. He was a go-getter just like he was. That’s why Zac snatched him up from a few interns fifteen years ago. If he wanted something taken care of Dillon was just as ferocious as himself—a virtual barracuda in the business world. One day he had no doubt Dillon would be running his own conglomerate. Hell, he’d already had it in the back of his mind to allow Dillon to hold the reigns of Grand Overlin, get the assistant treading water in the deep in.

“I can take care of that now, sir.” Dillon started to rise.

“No need.” Holding a palm up to him, Zac forestalled his movement. “Make sure Vernon has the address. I’m heading over myself.”

As he rounded his desk, headed toward his private elevator, Dillon and Rebecca rose.

“Mr. Powers, are you sure you want to go down there?” Rebecca’s voice was tinged with apprehension.

“It may be better if I go.” Dillon added, matching his stride.

Snatching his suit jacket off the hook where he kept it while working in his office, Zac looked at the pair. “I’m going to the East Side of Charlotte, not Syria.”

The concern on their faces didn’t change. Disregarding it, he slipped his arms into the jacket then fastened it as he stepped into the elevator. “I’ll be back in twenty. Have the S.I.D.E. team ready to meet this evening.”

They both answered affirmatively as the elevator doors slid shut.


“Okay, Stacey, I’m back.” Kourtney called out as she came in the back door of her store with the supplies she’d just picked up. She deposited the heavy box of decoration supplies on the counter beside the pantry.

“Thank goodness.” Stacey was standing by the door leading into the front store room.

“Anything else in the van?” Eric set down the piping bag he was filling and moved toward her.

“Yes. Two large sacks of powdered sugar and the coconut flour.”

Eric went out the back door.

Moving to her office to put up her purse, Kourtney called back to Stacey. “How’s sales going? Sorry, I had to leave you at the end of the lunch rush, but if we didn’t go and get the supplies, they would not have been delivered until tomorrow. With this short notice wedding, I needed the stuff tonight.”

Stacey was standing at the office door now with an occasional glance over her shoulder. “I understand. There’s this guy…” She glanced again in the direction of the store entrance as if she expected someone to come through the door.

Looking past her clerks shoulders and seeing no one, Kourtney frowned. “What guy? A customer?”

“Yes. No. He doesn’t appear to want to buy anything or place an order.” She fingered her short brown hair with pink tips behind her triple pierced ear. “Well, I asked him and he said he didn’t want anything but to talk to you.”


Taking a step into the office, Stacey lowered her voice to a whisper. “He looks like a lawyer or something. You know like those guys that came last week, but…more…” Stacey waved her hands around in the air.

Shaking her head, Kourtney had no clue what the young girl was trying to tell her. “Is he still here?”

“Yes. He refused to leave his card and said he’d wait. He’s been here for almost forty-five minutes. Not looking too happy.” Stacey’s face twisted as she bit down on the side of her bottom lip.

Kourtney hoped it wasn’t another one of those big wig lawyers from the company who were buying up all the property in her shop’s area of town. Over the last two months she’d been called, sent letters, approached and she was getting sick and tired of telling people she wasn’t going to sell. “I’ll see him.”

Moving out of her office, Kourtney led the way into the main store room of the converted house. It had originally been her father’s family home, then his older sister’s house and Aunt Joy had converted it years ago into a bakery and shop. Aunt Joy was eccentric and loved the oddity of having her shop in a neighborhood she’d grown up in all her life.

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