Tiger Billionaire's Virgin Lover #1: Desires

By: Michelle Lynn

Chapter 1

I was pretty excited about the upcoming interview, especially being that I had gone for the past month without an income since I had just moved to the city of Washington. It excited me that it would be the famous Erik Dken who would be interviewing me. He is probably one of the most sought after bachelors in the city and he was also constantly on the news. From what I had seen in magazines and on TV, Erik was a very handsome guy. I had to keep everything professional though, because this was a fantastic career opportunity. Opak, the company that was headed by Erik, was the perfect place to launch my career in DC. It was one of the most prestigious companies around, and paid very high salaries to their employees.

“Sarah, make sure that you are not late for the interview,” my dad, James, startled me out of my reverie.

“Don’t you worry dad, I'll be there on time,” I smiled at him, running a hair brush through my wavy blonde hair.

“I'm just hoping that you manage to get this position, because Opak is one of the best companies that you can work with in this city,” he said, slipping out of my bedroom.

I had been preparing myself for what seemed like forever, trying on outfit after outfit but not seeming to get one that suited me. In the end, I chose a grey skirt suit that brought me out in both a sexy and official way. The skirt hugged me tightly and went down halfway my thighs showing off just enough thigh to make the average man try and imagine what was under the skirt. The red blouse that I wore showed off just the right amount of cleavage, while the four inch heels made my curves stand out in a sexy way. Well, that is what Chris, my ex-boyfriend back in Florida, had always told me. Double checking to see that my makeup was just right like I wanted it, I picked up my handbag and strode out of my bedroom, my heels clicking on the wood tiles of the floor.

“Now, that is a stunner, you look fantastic,” James said as I walked into the kitchen, where he was hunched over a mug of coffee.

“Thanks dad, may I borrow your car?” I said to him, spinning myself around so that he could see how I looked.

“Sure, the keys are on the sideboard. Good luck with the interview,” he answered as I grabbed the keys and made my way out of the door.

For some reason, I was feeling sort of nervous, maybe due to the fact that I was off to this really important interview. I eased my foot down on the accelerator as soon as I hit the 53rd avenue, not wanting to be late for the four P.M. interview. As I pulled into the company parking lot, I looked at what might be my new working place if things went smoothly. The Opak building comprised of glass from the bottom to the top, and judging from the traffic at the main entrance, it seemed like a pretty busy company. The company dealt in the import and export of building materials amongst many other things and they were also land developers and estate agents. It had fourteen subsidiaries and I felt overwhelmed since if I was admitted, I was going to be working with all of them. Thanks to my degree from Yale and my good grades, I had managed to be shortlisted, and now here I was.

I checked myself in the rearview mirror before slipping out of the car, my heart beating a thousand miles an hour. “Don’t screw this up, Sarah,” I told myself.

Leaving my car, I crossed the street and made my way into the huge doors, heading straight to the reception, where a brunette stood busy tending to clients.

“Hello, how can I help you?” she smiled at me, sizing me up and down.

“Hi, I'm Sarah Miller, and I am scheduled for an appointment with Mr. Dken at four,” I smiled up at her.

“Just a moment,” she said, checking through her computer. “Yes, take the elevator up to the twentieth floor.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking off for the elevator, butterflies in my belly.

The elevators opened up to a luxuriously furnished reception that had windows overlooking the skyline of the city. Slipping out, I headed for the reception, where a young blonde was busy talking into the phone. She hung up as I approached and smiled at me.

“Hi, I'm Sarah Miller, I have an appointment with Mr. Dke-“

“Yes, Miss Miller, Mr. Dken is expecting you. Kindly take a seat over there and I will let him know that you are here,” she smiled at me, showing me to some waiting seats.


The day had been pretty hectic for Erik. He had held a press conference earlier and had gotten tired of having to fake smiles for the reporters while they asked him questions and took photos. He was looking at running for the senate, and chances were good that he would win the election. This was one of the main reasons that he would need a personal assistant to help him run his company.

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