Forgotten Love

By: Cher Etan

“Allen,” she breathed as her own hands found his nipples, and began to squeeze and fondle them. He made a pained sound of arousal snapping his hips and gripping her thighs so hard there were sure to be bruises there the next day. She rubbed his nipples harder, nipping at his powerful shoulder as she did so and he cried out, hips arching of their own volition. She could feel his hardness against her like a steel band and then his thumb trailed forward, breaching her center and exploring inside, seeking the sensitive nub that needed no further stimulation really. He rubbed back and forth against it and her back arched in response, mouth open, head thrown back.

“I need you Allen,” she cried. “Now!”

It was an order he wasn’t ready to refuse.

“Condom?” he asked desperately, his face red, veins bulging. He didn’t want to leave her to go find his wallet or his bedside table to get one so he was really hoping she kept some close by. The thought of her using condoms with anyone but him though got him hot in a whole other way and he growled deep in his throat. She reached out and opened her bedside table, handing him one. He snatched it out of her hand, tearing savagely at the packaging as she watched in puzzlement and then slipped it on. His hands on her thighs were a bit rougher than they’d been before as he spread them and thrust into her. She made a sound in her throat, half pleasure, half pain and the red haze of jealousy cleared a little for him to see her. His touch gentled and he leaned in to kiss her softly in wordless apology. His movements slowed and deepened as he used every thrust to hit a sensitive spot inside of her. She spread her hands out in surrender, eyes closed as she made noises of satisfaction and surrender. Her legs wrapped tight around his waist, she lifted her pelvis to meet thrust for thrust, wanting him as deep inside her as he wanted to go.

“Frannie Fran Fran my Frances,” he murmured incoherently in her ear as he pushed into her hips, stuttering with need. She pulled at his hair to turn his head so she could fit her lips to his, kissing into his mouth with the same rhythm he was thrusting into her. He groaned with desire.

“Who taught you how to do that?” he asked pulling away from her and thrusting into her harder at the same time. She pulled his mouth back to hers without answering and he lost himself in the taste of her, her intoxicating odor surrounding him with want and need and the feeling of being home. Her arms tightened around his neck and her legs around his hips as her back arched and she shuddered, releasing wetness and warmth around him. The thought that he had made her come caused him to spasm with savage release as his vision whitened and he let himself go.

“Oh baby,” he said as he slumped against her neck, burrowing his nose deep into her shoulder so he was surrounded by the smell of satiated sex, the sandalwood scent that she used and her own unique musk. He could lie there forever just breathing her in. She turned her head to lay a sweet kiss on his shoulder and he reared back to withdraw from her so he could take off the condom. He wanted to stay inside her forever and as he threw the condom in the bedside basket his half hard dick was already seeking her warmth.

“Let me just lay in you for a minute okay?” he murmured as he pushed into her. She let him do it, opening for him as he plunged as deep as his rapidly hardening cock could go. He bit her neck and then kissed it, laving her skin with his tongue and sucking and biting.

“Oooh, that feels good,” she sighed, tilting her head to give him more room to molest her.

“Yeah, well get used to it,” he said, pressing into her as he sucked her neck harder. He got up on his elbows eventually and looked down at her, smiling into her eyes.

“This feels right doesn’t it?” he asked as his hips gyrated in slow circles, driving her mad.

“Yeah,” she whispered, eyes closed, enjoying all the different sensations he was laying on her. She bent her legs to give him more room to navigate inside her as he began to thrust into her, long, slow, languid plunges that hit on her already sensitive flesh and caused sparks of electricity to strobe through her, making her shake and shudder.

“Uuuhhhhh,” she moaned as he began to pick up the pace, watching her face the entire time, noting every tiny reaction.

“Yes baby, come on,” he said as she shivered, fucking into her harder and faster. “Yes…it feels good huh? You like it? You like me fucking you don’t you,” he ground out as his movements became less coordinated. He lifted himself up on his hands so he had more leverage to fuck into her, driving so hard he was pushing her up on the bed until they were flush against the headboard and she spread her hands up to counter the force of his fucking. Allen’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he lost all control, his body taking over to snap his hips into her, rutting into her without ceasing, bodies hot and slick with fluids, the loud slapping of flesh on flesh, alternating with the squelch of wet flesh coming apart and then slamming together again. Frances' mouth was open in an O of utter extremity as her body fell apart beneath her, stuttering and shuddering, wetness spreading everywhere and mixing with Allen’s sperm as he came with one last hard thrust into her, body almost bent in two. They collapsed afterward, half blacked out with the intensity of it. The room was silent as soft music continued to play from the speakers.


The day of graduation, they celebrated by staying in bed and fucking each other’s brains out. Frances had graduated summa cum laude and Allen had passed his exams. The administrators of the estate had all attended the ceremony and after they’d taken them for lunch at which point they made arrangements with Allen on where and how they would begin the business of transferring his assets wholly into his hands. After lunch, they went home and went to bed and didn’t emerge for the next twenty four hours.

“Where are we gonna live after this?” Frances asked. “Will we stay here?”

“No. I think the best place for us is probably New York. You ready for the big time?” he asked caressing her thigh lazily.

Frances shrugged, “I suppose I can write from anywhere.” She was already a contributor for an online magazine and had gotten started on her first novel, based on her experience living on the streets.

“Good. Then it's settled,” Allen said leaning in to kiss her. she kissed him back and the fire that consumed them every single time their lips touched took over and he was leaning her back into the mattress and climbing on top of her.

“Frannie, my love,” he said into the flesh of her neck as he teased it with his tongue.

“Yes,” she breathed back, arching her head backward to give him better access and spreading her legs under him so he could get inside her again. She was quite sore from the marathon sex they’d been having but it didn’t even occur to her to refuse him. He pushed slowly into her; he had to have been sore too, and then they were moving together, enjoying being so close, so in tune, so in sync with each other that it wasn’t even about the sex anymore. It was simply another way for them to be one, a single entity united in love.


New York was a different experience for both of them. It was their first time living in such a huge city and distractions were endless. Allen’s job was extroverted, it involved meetings with people and invitations to functions and benefits. Frances was very introverted on the other hand, all she wanted to do was write and be with Allen. They were used to this rhythm though. When Frances came to live with him he was the popular high school kid, and she was the freak who kept to herself and read books. But at the time, they weren’t a couple and Allen had been able to go out and have a good time and come back to tell Frances all about it. Now, he pushed her to come with him, he wanted her with him when he went to the functions and benefits and dinners. Frances was not opposed, she wanted to be with him too; but she needed to create a space that was hers, where she was able to write. They compromised; she would accompany him to his functions on the weekends and during the week, he would leave her alone to write. It worked as a compromise until Frances’ book came out, and it did well. So well in fact, that she began to get a spot light of her own; she had even less time to devote to Allen because she had her own functions and dinners to attend. Her own galas where she was expected. It was a definite strain on the relationship to have them both pulled in different directions. Frances knew that new compromises would have to be struck, but Allen was opposed to change. He liked the old arrangement, this new one sucked ass.

“Allen we need to talk about this like two adult people,” Frances tried once again on the one night they were both home.

“What is there to talk about Frances, you have your shiny new life and you don’t need me anymore,” he replied.

“That’s bullshit and you know it. Why can’t you just be reasonable for once?” she asked irritably.

“Oh, I’m unreasonable? Really?” he yelled stalking off to get a drink.

“Look, Allen, I don’t have time for your immature sulks right now so I’m just gonna go and get some work done,” Frances said heading toward her office.

“Oh, I’m too much of a baby for you, am I now? Now that you don’t need me anymore is that it? Fine, I’m leaving,” Allen said slamming down his drink and snatching up his car keys.

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