The Billionaire's Wife

By: Holly Rayner

“What the heck are you doing?” I’d asked him. “You’re dripping all over the place.”

He held out his hand for the phone that was still ringing in mine.

“I just came out to get the phone,” he said. “Sorry about the mess.”

“It’s fine, I would have brought it to you,” I told him.

“Oh, I know. I just didn’t know you were still in the room. I thought it might be Randall or my assistant.”

I hadn’t thought another thing about it, until now. The number on the phone that day was a Scarsdale area code, just like the number in my hand. He’d gone back into the bathroom before he’d answered it, and he’d left the shower running the entire time. He was awfully touchy about his phone lately, he was distant and anxious and he spent a lot of time away from home. If I were a suspicious woman I might say those were all signs that he was having an affair. I told myself that I was just being silly. Aiden would never have an affair. He loved me and Eric. Our family was more important to him than that. I put the card back down on the table, but I just couldn’t get myself to walk away. I picked it back up and looked at it then I sat it back down. I wasn’t usually so indecisive, but I wasn’t usually suspicious of my husband either. Sighing, and annoyed with myself, I picked up my own phone and called Myra.

“Hey, I hope it’s not too late,” I asked her.

“Are you kidding, girl? I got four kids, baby. If I went to bed this early I’d never get a moment alone,” she said with a laugh. “What’s up girl?”

“I have a stupid question,” I told her.

“Well, I’d like to tell you that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but the truth is, I’ve heard quite a few in my lifetime.” I laughed, I missed Myra a lot…and Rose and Joe…“What is it, baby girl?”

“Okay,” I said. “If your husband worked late every night, acted really strange and protective of his phone and was distant and moody towards you and the kids, and you found a card with a number written on it, but nothing else, what would your first thought be?”

“That he was having an affair, and my second thought would be that I’m going to kill the SOB.”

I laughed again. This time it was a nervous laugh. That was the answer I expected, but not the one that I wanted.

“Would you call the number, or just confront him?” I asked her.

“I’d call it, without a doubt. I need to know who else’s ass to kick. Then I’d confront him. Ain’t nobody sneaking around on this Mama,” she said with a laugh. Then turning serious she said, “Are you okay, honey? You don’t think Aiden is…?”

“I’m fine, Myra, and no…Aiden would never cheat. I have a friend who asked me for advice and I wasn’t sure what to tell her. I completely agree with your assessment though. Thank you!”

“Anytime kiddo. I’m available for butt kicking too, if need be.”

I didn’t doubt that she was. I also didn’t doubt that she knew I wasn’t calling for a “friend,” but I knew I could trust her. I thanked her again and once I’d hung up I stared at the phone again wondering if I should do this. I knew I had to…I was probably going to end up being embarrassed that I didn’t trust my husband, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t do it.

I blocked my own number so it would show as unknown and then I dialed the number and listened to it ring three times. It was finally answered on the other end by a female voice. I heard my own shaky voice come out as I said, “I’m sorry; I may have dialed the wrong number. I was looking for a man named Aiden Scott. He gave me a business card and I know it’s after hours. I found this number written on the back of it. I thought this might be his personal number?”

“No, this isn’t his number. If I talk to him though, I could give him the message…?”

I felt my heart pounding and my head aching. My stomach was churning as I asked her, “Do you plan on talking to him soon?” Why do you plan on talking to him soon? I wanted to ask her, but I didn’t.

“Yes, I’m sure if he doesn’t call me tonight, I’ll hear from him in the morning…” I hung up in the middle of her sentence. I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up. I wasn’t ready to confront the other woman. I needed to talk to my husband first and give him a chance to explain. I was sure, at least I hoped, that he’d have a valid explanation. Was Aiden having an affair? Was I being naïve even asking myself that question after what this woman just told me…? I tried to keep myself calm. I didn’t have enough information to be jumping to conclusions…yet.

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