Delivering the Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And I did what any red-blooded man would have done if his girl was naked in public. I stepped into the apartment, slamming the door behind me, protecting her from the eyes of inquisitive neighbors or anyone else who might stumble by. Because she was mine. This little brunette with the pink nips and beautifully flushed pussy was mine, all mine.



Holy shit, the delivery man was fucking hot. I’d been shivering on my couch, the effects of the hot shower dissipating, cold, wet as a mouse, with nothing to cover me but these blasted jeans and the flannel shirt. They were basically useless because the shirt was soaked through already and the jeans? Damp denim is no fun when you’re wet and cold.

So when a knock sounded on the door, I’d leapt up. My robe and soaps were here! Yippee-yi-yay! I grabbed the jeans to me as best I could and ran over to the door, sneaking a peek through the peephole. And gasping, I’d stepped back for a minute. Because the man outside had an amazing body, tall and athletic dressed in a grey jacket and nondescript shorts. Broad shoulders filled my vision, a muscled chest that narrowed to a trim waist, and thick, strong thighs, perfect for going up and down stairs. I couldn’t see much of his face because it was covered by a baseball cap, but I could see the razor-sharp edge of his jaw, square and dominating.

And when I’d opened the door, my first impression hadn’t been wrong. The delivery man’s eyes lifted and they were the clearest blue, penetrating, intense, making my pulse flutter immediately.

“Hi,” I gasped, cowering behind the door, shivering from the cold … or was it his closeness? I cursed myself. This guy was a total stranger, here to do his job, nothing more, and here I was creaming and trembling from just the sight of him.

But his voice augmented the shivers in my spine, making me weak, my knees almost giving out at the sexy rumble.

“Delivery for Ms. Holmes?” he asked, an eyebrow quirking, blue eyes amused, almost like he could see through the door. I cursed myself. What was wrong with me? Unless he was Superman with x-ray vision, he couldn’t see through solid wood.

And I embarrassed myself, grabbing at the package with my free hand while trying to keep myself covered, holding my head down, too humiliated to meet his eyes. But that was nothing because when it came time to sign for the delivery, I completely fucked up. I was forced to step out from behind the door and somehow bungled it all, I’m so clumsy and inept.

Because I dropped my jeans. Yeah, the only piece of covering I had over my naked body fell to the floor for some reason, and I was bare in my birthday suit before this gorgeous man, my pink nips hard already, my cunt moist just from his presence.

“Oh my god!” I screamed, trying to cover myself futilely, one hand shielding my pussy while my other hand skipped between my breasts, attempting to hide one big tit and then the other. But the thing is that I’ve got Double D’s and it was impossible, there’s just too much flesh, too much sweet heft going on, so my boobs kept popping out, much to the amused glance of the big man.

And swiftly, reacting immediately, he stepped in, swinging the door shut behind him so that at least no prying neighbors would see, no one would get an eyeful of this awkward predicament. Except that I was still butt-naked in front of him.

So leaning down, I scrambled for my damp jeans and pressed them to my breasts, the fabric hiding my girls at least, shielding them from his hot gaze. But that meant my pussy was bare and his eyes dropped immediately, taking in everything, my nether lips slick, my thighs already wet, smeared with the evidence of my arousal.

“Is that for me?” he growled, an eyebrow quirked, taking it all in, not missing a detail. “Is that beautiful juice for me?”

And to my shame, I just gushed more. Because yeah, I wanted him in me, I wanted him to feel my pussy, pet my kitty, squeeze my breasts and kiss my nips. It was exactly what I needed after an acrimonious divorce, some sensuous loving from an alpha male who was ten times more magnetic than Gary.

So I went with my intuition, throwing caution to the wind. Dropping the jeans on the floor, abandoning my pathetic attempts to hide myself, I purred at the big man, jutting one hip to the side saucily as my boobs bumped and swayed, my sleek vee glistening with temptation.

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