Delivering the Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

I almost did it. I almost did it, pummeled my best girl in the ass without any lube, tearing up that sweet hole, wrecking it completely. But at the last second, I pointed my dick at her sopping wet puss instead and rammed in, that sweet flesh cushioning me, holding me tight, tiny and oh so wet.

“Mmmm!” Laurie whined, throwing her head back so far she almost cracked her neck. “Oh god!”

And I growled as well. I love my baby girl and as much as I wanted to see her limping around afterwards, her asshole sore, I loved her too much to do it without lube … this time. It’s not that we’re not going to do the nasty, it’s that I want her to tell me when she’s ready, when she’s ready to sit herself down on my dick dry, hump me with her tiny anal hole without a slick of lube on my cock.

So yeah, it was gonna happen but not today. For now, I was pounding her pussy instead and the way Laurie was bucking and screaming, the way her cunt was so tight, resisting me, forcing me to push her down, force her hips up against the bureau so that I could fuck harder, my hips slapping against that huge ass with wet smacks, my dick angry, pulsing and so fucking hard with each drive, made me realize that Laurie probably wasn’t going to be able to walk for two days anyways, her pussy would be so sore, so achy.

And it drove me into a fury again. I fucked her again and again, the wet slapping sounds obscene, her lips stretched so tight around my fuckpole while she creamed wetly, her juices streaming like a river, coating my dick and balls.

“Ohhh fuuuuuuck!” she screamed, giving it up, a liquid gush of warmth spilling out from her cunt hole, smearing everything in sight, my groin, my dick, dripping with warmth down her thighs.

And watching her pussy twitch and spasm while simultaneously feeling it on my pole forced me over the edge as well. A tidal wave built in my balls, rising high and tight, my chest and abs hard, my dick even harder. And with a roar and a massive, “OH SHIT!” I came like a volcano into my little girl, erupting with ream after ream of hot white, shooting my seed deep into that hot pussy, spurting it up against her cervix.

And I stroked her as we came together, her heavy haunches slick and smooth with a sheen of sweat, trembling and jiggling while a long orgasm convulsed all throughout her body, making her cream and moan deliriously, her face pressed into the wood. With satisfaction, I watched as her cunt clenched and clamped on my dick, the pink lips swollen and wet, flexing and twitching.

“Oh yeah, baby girl, fuck yeah,” I ground out. “Keep coming, open up your cervix so that my sperm swims right into you, fuck, keep it up.”

Because you know what? We’ve decided we want to try for a baby. It’s only right, Laurie’s so fertile, so sweet, so giving and sassy, she’d make a great mother. And what’s to hold us back? The two of us are in love, we’re committed to one another, and as cheesy as this sounds, cherish each other, our bodies, our minds, our words rekindling our love with each day, each night, every word and every gasp. And although we were married at City Hall a year ago, we’re gonna celebrate with a huge wedding next week. I want to show my best girl off to everyone I know, my friends, family, even my staff at NYC Concierge whose introduction was so volcanic, so dramatic.

Because Laurie’s my one and only. This sweet brunette, whom I delivered shampoo to, has become much more than a customer. She’s my life, my wife, my dream, my everything. And fuck … but she’s the one who’s delivered me.


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