Delivering the Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Want some, big boy?” I purred. “Come and get it,” I invited.

And the gleam in those blue eyes deepened as he reached for me, growling, those big hands warm on my curves.

“I’ll take it,” he rumbled before drawing me close, pulling my head back for a deep kiss. And I was lost … lost in a tangled, delicious whirl, a storm of sensations descending over my body with every sweep of his lips on my mouth, his hands across my breasts, and oh god, that huge steel rod pressed against my tummy. I wanted it, no I needed it … bad.



I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me. Seducing clients isn’t part of the job, not by a long shot and I was way off the reservation here, alone in the apartment with a nude girl, ravaging her within two minutes of the door opening.

But she was so fucking gorgeous and exactly my type. That curvy body, those huge boobs, that slickly pink cunt. It was like she was a temptress stationed here to ruin me, and I actually considered that possibility for a moment. Maybe someone at the office was trying to catch errant employees and was planting fakes along the way, honey pots to lure unsuspecting delivery men into Hell.

But it’d gone way past that by now. Because if the cameras were rolling, if HR was going to jump out from behind the door, they’d already missed their opportunity. The girl was stark naked, purring in my arms, rubbing herself against me, that sweet kitty humping my leg with hunger as I pressed my cock against her belly.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, twisting in my arms, eyes half-closed. “Do me, please mister.”

And fuck it, it was worth it. Getting fired was totally worth this. So I swept the curvy girl up in my arms, loving her substantial weight, that poundage in my arms, and strode about five steps into the bedroom in back, depositing her on a squeaky mattress.

“Oh!” she gasped as she bounced onto the coverlet, ass jiggling, those big breasts flying. And I was on her in a second, parting those thighs with my massive hands, licking at her nips, stroking her cunt, feeling the wet folds cream for me, going at her, testosterone engulfing my body as I felt up my female, marking what was mine.

And the girl just twisted and squirmed beneath me, loving every second, egging me on with breathless “oohs” and “ahhs” of pleasure, her moist cunt gushing even more, nips as hard as rocks. Fuck, I tongued one in my mouth and rolled it around, that savory breast flesh so soft and hard at once that I devoured as much as possible, stuffing miles and miles into me, sucking on her tit like a starving man.

And the woman was a horny slut, hands down. Her hands scrabbled at my fly so that my cock popped out like a fucking jack in the box, stiff and ready to ream on demand. And she was hungry, her mouth falling open for a taste. If I wasn’t mistaken, it was almost like she hadn’t been banged in a long time and was desperate to take cock, taste it, fondle it, feel it all over her body. So not missing a beat, the brunette leaned down and sucked me into her mouth, the sensation so amazing, so fucking mind-blowing that I threw my head back and roared, my baseball cap flying off, the cords of my throat standing out as my chest and abs tightened, my balls ready to cream. But the little girl wasn’t letting up. Determinedly she sucked, her cheeks hollowing, those pink lips pursing around my stiff rod, her tongue trailing the vein along the bottom as she worked her way up and down.

“Arrmuphh?” she mumbled through the man meat in her mouth, her eyes flying up to glance at me through her lashes. Fuck, it looked so good, this nubile little girl, totally naked with my dick stuffed in her mouth, cheeks bulging with hot meat. “Arrmuuph?” she mumbled again, unable to articulate clearly. And I nodded knowingly.

“Yeah, in your mouth,” I growled. “I’m gonna shoot reams of hot semen into your little tummy, how does that sound? You gonna like it? Is that what you want?”

And the way her eyelids floated down dreamily, the look of ravenous hunger mixed with anticipation that crossed the brunette’s face told me that that was exactly what she wanted. Her soft hands crept up to stroke my strong thighs, the bottoms of my balls where I was especially ticklish and wandered to caress my perineum, the sensitive skin between my balls and ass. Oh fuck, I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut. I hadn’t had a woman touch me there in ages, it felt so fucking good.

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