The Trashy Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And that leads us to our next roommate, Katy. I’ve known Katy for a while, well, at least knew the girl existed. She’s been living in the trailer park as long as I have, and I’ve watched her grow from a distance. How that female survived is beyond me, having Tina Parks as a mom is no piece of cake. Not only is Tina a certifiable hoarder, that trailer’s got stuff piled up to the ceiling, visible through its slitted windows, but she’s mentally unstable too. All of us know it, we’ve been witness to her outbursts, her crazy wailing and screaming, the paramedics dragging her off that one night.

And the last time that happened, Katy was seventeen, no longer a little girl. But she’d been left standing outside, dazed, like Dorothy awakened from her dream, brown eyes wide, lips trembling. And I took pity on her. The poor thing had nowhere to turn, there was clearly no electricity at her home and she was shivering violently in the cold New England wind.

So I did what anyone would do.

“You need a place to stay?” I asked gruffly.

And the girl nodded, eyes wide.

“Thanks Mr. Larson,” she said in a low voice. “I’d appreciate it.”

And that’s how I ended up with two strays in my home. Except the two kids have changed a lot, grown and matured shockingly fast. In the last year, Jason’s filled out and become a man. He’s taller than I am, his head almost brushing the ceiling, but not as big, not as muscular.

And Katy … but oh god, I should be shot for having these thoughts. Because the beautiful little girl is definitely not a little girl anymore. She’s put on about twenty pounds in the last year, her skinny frame filling out into a lush, voluptuous woman, huge tits that bounce under her t-shirts, a big ass and wide hips that seem to brush both sides of the double-wide when she walks.

And Jason and I have noticed for sure. Who couldn’t? The sweet scent that trails off her skin at all times, the warm brown eyes that you could drown in, fuck … like I said, I should be shot for having these thoughts. And the brunette doesn’t make it easy for us either, tantalizing us in the most innocent of ways.

But I’m a grown man and I’m not going to give into my baser instincts, I refuse to let myself become that dirty older guy. But good intentions are just that, and I’m a man, a man with needs despite everything. I can get women, don’t get me wrong, but it’s left me feeling empty inside lately, you know what I mean? I don’t need another hanger-on who stinks to high heaven of cheap perfume, her breasts saggy and draggy with leathery orange skin. Not when I have the real thing right under my own roof, temptation and innocence wrapped into one, tantalizing me day and night. And it all went to shit one day when I came home from work early, letting myself into the warmth of the trailer, stamping my feet in the doorway, coming to a stop when I saw Katy.

Because the brunette stood at the sink washing dishes in nothing but a tiny camisole and booty shorts, nipples poking out, creamy thighs on display with that huge ass like a shelf.

“Brent,” she said with a welcoming smile, her voice low. “What are you doing back so soon?”

I could have asked her the same question. I thought she had some errands, something to do for her upcoming stint at beauty school, so it was surprising to see her home at four in the afternoon.

“I’d ask you the same thing,” I growled, devouring that fine, sassy form before forcing myself to look away. Fuck, she was so gorgeous, those huge jugs almost breaking free, the way her ass was so curvy and rounded.

The girl flushed.

“I- I thought I had practice today, but the model didn’t show so I came home early,” she panted, grabbing a dish towel, futilely trying to cover her breasts. I almost laughed, the dishtowel was about the size of a postage stamp and no match for her huge girls. Besides, I’d seen those tits before, it happens when you live in such a small space. You catch a glimpse of other people’s bodies and Katy had a body that made mine rev like a Ferrari, my motor going deep and hungry. I literally couldn’t say anything for a minute, brain frozen, imprinted with the image of her generous curves, that sweet expanse of skin on display.

But disgusted, I forced myself back to reality. Like I said, I’m not gonna be that dirty old man that everyone talks about.

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