The Trashy Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Job got out,” I grunted, still not looking at her. “They let us go early today.” Much good my efforts to be respectful were. I could see still see Katy in my mind’s eye, those huge breasts, that generous ass burned on my irises. “Where’s Jason?”

And the brunette shrugged a little, smiling at me helplessly, still covered by nothing but the panties and tiny camisole.

“He’s at school,” she said. “Ms. Smith wanted to talk to him about career options, maybe a job as a dental hygienist or even a physician’s assistant.”

I growled under my breath. Dentistry? Being a fucking physician’s assistant? Jason was a man and he wasn’t going to be doing a job like that, fuck no. I’d already set him up with an apprenticeship with the union          , you can make six figures after a few years, so fuck that dental assistant crap. But if I wasn’t mistaken, this Ms. Smith character was probably after Jason’s tail in the physical sense. Our boy had grown into a tall, strapping man with a curve to his dick that couldn’t be missed and Ms. Smith probably had the hots for this new-grown man.

“Tell him that the apprenticeship pays better,” I grunted, still trying not to look at Katy. “No need to discuss other career options.”

“Oh sure,” she breathed, still pressing the dishtowel to her breasts. “Jason knows that, I think … um, that Ms. Smith was insistent, that’s all.”

I grunted again, my instincts were obviously spot on. As an alpha male, you can sense hungry females coming at you from miles away, and fuck, I’d encountered Kim Smith a couple times in the past, that horny viper wasn’t shy letting me know she was available in any way that a man might imagine.

But the Kim Smiths of the world were no comparison to Katy, no comparison to the brunette’s lushness, her innocence, the big brown eyes that still stared at me.

“Put something on,” I grunted again, heading to the dinette. “Don’t parade your ass like that.”

The girl blushed.

“Of course not, I was just going to take a shower,” she murmured, biting her lip. “I’ll just be a sec.”

And I helped myself to a drink as Katy rustled around her room for a bit before reappearing, dressed in a big fluffy pink robe. She shot me a shy smile before ducking into the tiny bathroom, the water coming on with a hiss, steam beginning to pour out into the main room of the trailer.

And oh fuck, but it was getting hot. I shook my head like a dog in heat, her presence surrounding me, seeping into my every pore. Even though I have the G5 of double-wides, a top-of-the-line model, it’s still no mansion and when someone takes a long shower, it can get steamy in the small space. Katy being a girl, was of course luxuriating in the water, slowly soaping herself up, even singing a little as she enjoyed the thorough scrub, and I swore silently. Shit. This fucking sucked. The little girl could be a while, and I desperately needed to cool down, beads of sweat were already popping out at my temples, a trail running down the small of my back. So yeah, I yanked off my shirt, all hard muscles and tan skin, and strode to the bedroom to hang it up.

Except walking past the bathroom, I noticed that the door wasn’t closed all the way.

That was odd. Was the door jammed or broken for some reason? I was pretty handy around the house and could easily fix it, resolving to take a look as soon as Katy finished, except I heard a tiny moan then. What the fuck?

I stepped nearer the bathroom, my feet turning as if magnetized and despite warning bells going off in my head, peered into the crack. And the sight knocked my socks off, made me go from rubber to iron in three seconds flat. Because the little girl had one leg propped up against the tiny shower stall and was holding her pussy lips open as she shaved her cunt.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, but it was so beautiful to see. She was so gorgeous, water flowing all over that curvy form, her huge breasts bouncy, delicious, heaving a bit as she administered cream to her private parts.

“Mmm,” she moaned, eyes only half-open as her fingers ran through her folds, lathering up, soaping herself. And I groaned as she parted those lips, dragging the razor over the sensitive flesh, moaning slightly again at the sensuous feel, strip after strip of that pink flesh appearing beneath the white lather, wet, swollen, glistening and delicious.

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