The Trashy Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

My heart literally stopped beating in my chest for a moment before springing back to life, going about sixty miles an hour, dick so hard it punched against my fly like a fucking jack in the box. It ached, hurt so bad that I had to unzip, my pole springing out, all ten inches hard and powerful, pulsing painfully at the sight of her.

Because Katy was still going at it. She propped her foot even higher on the stall wall, baring that beautiful snatch fully and dragged the razor through her folds again, taking every hair off her twat so that she was bare as a baby, pink and steamy. And oh god, but as she pulled herself open I could see right up her vagina, see those steaming pink walls, her flesh so soft, so warm and swollen that my dick became a faucet, dripping cum non-stop.

Except suddenly I saw something that I never expected. Holy shit, could it be? Katy had a hymen, her vaginal opening was covered by a thin piece of tissue, so delicate, so beautiful that suddenly I knew all my promises of not being that dirty old man were just lies. I had to taste that hymen, I had to feel it on my dick, had to make her mine this first time.

And without any hesitation, I pushed the door to the bathroom open then, dick in hand, body hard, eyes gleaming.

The brunette didn’t notice at first, enjoying her personal time, another moan shuddering through her body as she reached back and shaved a hard-to-reach part, the angle of her wrist twisted and awkward given that the stall was so small, so cramped.

So I offered to help.

“Baby,” I growled deeply, fisting my dick in a vise. “Need a hand?”

And the girl’s head snapped up to look at me, her brown eyes going wide with shock as her breasts heaved, leg suddenly coming down, thighs snapping shut.

“Brent!” she breathed, eyes wide, not moving under the hot water. “What- what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I rumbled deep in my chest, dick growing bigger, pulsing under her gaze. Because the brunette’s eyes had leapt to my cock immediately, cheeks coloring, mouth opening as she took in my massive size. Oh yeah, I’m ten inches and wide all around, there have been a couple pussies that almost couldn’t fit me, I’d had to screw myself in, those small holes so tight, so swollen, the women screaming with pleasure at the penetration.

And Katy’s reaction was so arousing. Despite the shocked look on her face, her nipples had grown hard, pebbled, jutting out straight at me, begging to be kissed. And although I could no longer see that pussy, I could see the unmistakable smear of cream on her thigh, and as I watched, the juice dripped a little, a tiny rivulet running all the way down to her knee.

“Baby,” I growled again, my eyes hot on those curves. “Let me help you with that razor, I’m good with my hands.”

The girl still stared at me, shocked, her boobies heaving up and down. But something clicked in her brain then because she panted slightly, relaxing a bit before opening the shower stall door.

“But Brent,” she murmured, shooting me a glance, those brown eyes still innocent. “Isn’t this wrong?”

I was on the opportunity in a flash, out of my clothes and in the stall in a New York second. Fuck, it was so tiny in here that there was practically no room to move, her breasts pressed against my chest immediately, that pussy squooshed against my thigh like it had always belonged there.

“Br-Brent,” she stammered slightly, her warm breath on my neck. “Are you sure this is okay?”

And I stroked her then, running my big hands over her breasts, tweaking each nipple, circling them with my thumbs, making her gasp, her cunt creaming hotly against my leg.

“Of course it’s okay,” I ground out. “You’re a woman now, eighteen, an adult. It’s time to share your body with a man … if you want.”

And she paused for a moment. Oh god, I almost died, my heart going at a million miles an hour, dick so hard it was going to break off. If she said no, if she said wait, I was going to be a dead man, the blue balls would kill me alone. Fuck, I’d kill myself if it came to that.

But fortunately, my best girl was warm, willing, and generous.

“Yes,” she murmured against my throat again. “I want to try.”

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