The Trashy Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And I kissed her deep then, seizing that sweet pink pout with my lips, tracing the seam of her mouth with my tongue.

“Little girl, I promise you won’t regret this,” I rasped harshly against her lips. “I’ll make you feel good.”

She mewled against me, eyes closed, pushing her tits and cunt even more closely against me, grinding against me a bit.

“I know you will,” she breathed, moaning a bit as I pinched one nipple hard. “But Mr. Larson, I have to ask one thing,” she panted, drawing back for a moment.

Again, I almost died. Oh fuck, if she asked for something like “only kissing” or “only petting,” I was going to fucking die, my dick was going to shrivel up and crack off, it needed that pink pussy so bad.

But instead, my little girl shot me a shy smile. She looked at me, eyes wide, begging, and asked, “Promise you’ll put it in bare, okay?”

I was stock still, every nerve in my body singing. No condom? No nothing? Was she fucking kidding me?

“Honey, are you sure?” I rasped against her lips, her chin. “Because you’re eighteen and fertile, you know what happens when a virile man comes in you.”

And she gasped but nodded once more, her lips tracing the line of my jaw.

“I know,” she whispered against my skin. “But it’s my first time and I want to feel you in me, just you with no condom.”

And I lost it then, if I’d been hard before, I was a fucking diamond now, my dick tip dripping in a continuous stream, the semen melting against her soft tummy, running down her leg.

“Baby,” I growled. “I’m gonna give it to you so good, you’re gonna scream my name over and over again, beg me for more once it’s done.”

And she creamed against me just like that, that hot gush of juice against my strong thigh the evidence of her want, her need.

“Take me then, Mr. Larson,” she moaned. “Take my pussy and fuck it good.”

And what could I do but obey? I got on my knees in the shower stall, worshiping that sweet, curvy form, lapping at the undersides of her breasts, her soft tummy before licking the insides of those creamy thighs.

“Open,” I murmured, and like Aladdin’s cave, the sweetness parted and I glimpsed the undiscovered land, that beautiful pink pussy that had beckoned to me since the first time she set foot in my trailer. I helped her lift one knee up, swinging it over my shoulder for support and finally, finally, tasted that snatch.

Oh fuck, it was delicious. I didn’t just flick my tongue against it, I buried myself in those swollen folds, sampling untouched pussy, sucking the cream right out of her hole as Katy moaned and writhed above me, grabbing at my hair.

“Oh Mr. Larson!” she cried out. “Oh Daddy!”

I’m not sure where this “Daddy” stuff was coming from, but it sounded good on her lips, spurring me on, making me grow harder. Taking another long lap at her pussy, I pulled her apart to run my tongue up one side of her labia, then the other, before focusing on her clit, alternately licking and sucking the sensitive nub.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned, tossing her hair back, those big boobies heaving, almost hitting my head they were so huge. “Oh oh oh!”

And it was tasty, so fucking good I almost lost it and spewed my sperm right there on the floor of the shower stall. But it was too early and I forced myself to back down, to exercise the utmost control because I hadn’t gotten what I wanted yet. And that was her hymen. I wanted to run my tongue against the evidence of her virginity, that thin piece of tissue that proved she was untouched, nubile, and innocent.

So I pulled her folds apart once more, the warm heat of her cunt wafting against my face, and murmured, “I’m gonna eat your puss now honey, it’s gonna feel good, I promise,” and with that, plunged my tongue up her tiny hole. She convulsed once, twice, around me, helpless in her ecstasy, nectar running down my throat, almost pushing me loose, but I’d found what I was looking for. Oh yeah, my tongue bumped up against the rubbery barrier, feeling the vibrations of her orgasm as the tissue shivered, and fuck, it was so delectable, so amazing that I only wanted more. So as Katy shook and screamed, I kept tonguing her hymen, licking it, burying myself so deeply into her snatch that I was doing a face-plant, cream leaking all over my chin and cheeks, sliding down my throat, the best stuff on Earth.

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