Touch Me

By: Lexy Timms

You & Me - A Bad Boy Romance, Volume 2

Chapter One


HEARING HER NAME BELTED out in such an elegant setting stopped Katherine in her tracks. Tim’s voice bellowed so loudly that everyone turned around, curious as to who could be so absurd. Dressed in the world’s most expensive designer labels, the who’s who of Silicon Valley were not used to the behavior they were being forced to witness.

Humiliated, Katherine stopped, feeling as though everyone in the conference hall knew it was her the crazy man was after. She could feel herself shrinking as Tim stormed across the room. He seemed larger than she remembered, his broad shoulders pushed back with the arrogant confidence that comes with power.

After leaving Ben to go to the bathroom, Katherine was almost certain she had made up the sighting, thinking her paranoia was getting the best of her again. It wasn’t uncommon for her to think she saw Tim when she was out, but it had rarely actually been him.

Mostly, he sent his security staff to do his dirty work, and Katherine would run before they could approach her. This was different. Surrounded by the elite and wealthy people at the event, she felt cornered. There was nowhere to run and no way to effectively flee in her gown—even if there was an emergency exit.

This was a unique compilation of her worst nightmares, and she was being forced to live it out. Tim had not only found her, but during what had the makings to be one of the best nights of her life. She was finally enjoying herself, and feeling her age as she danced with Ben. Always the perfect gentleman, he had followed her to the bathroom, but he had no idea what was about to happen.

Katherine regretted not telling Ben about Tim. It was too late to come clean now, and there was no way she could ever explain her decision to hold back the truth. But it wasn’t Ben’s place to deal with this craziness that Katherine had married into.

The last thing she wanted to do was involve him in the abusive maze she was trapped in. Tim truly enjoyed doing this to her—popping up out of nowhere and ruining everything she had going on. The smile on his face was all the validation she needed as Katherine wondered what he had planned for her. Tim had always been big on punishment, so her leaving him would not be taken lightly.

Katherine felt her legs grow weak beneath her and she reached out for the back of a chair as she fought for balance, fearful she would pass out and add to the chaotic interruption to a perfect night. Just minutes before, she hadn’t had a care in the world, wondering if Ben would extend another invitation to his impressive bachelor pad.

Everything was going perfectly, or at least she’d thought it was. Wearing the beautiful purple gown Ben had given her, Katherine felt like a princess walking on his arm. He was proud to introduce her to his colleagues, and she was proud of her ability to relax and have fun as the night went on.

It was like Tim could sense her happiness somehow. As Katherine watched him storm across the hall, she imagined an annoying alarm clock disrupting everything in his pristine world to let him know she was finally getting over his psycho ass.

Now, it would appear he had dropped everything in his thriving private law practice in Los Angeles to come up and intrude on the tiny sliver of a life Katherine had carved out for herself in San Francisco. She couldn’t imagine how he could get away from his work so easily in order to destroy her life, since when they were married, he’d never had a spare moment to devote to anything that had to do with her.

Tim didn’t care about anything that didn’t benefit him directly. Katherine was nothing more to him than another one of the trophies he compiled to display in his mansion. Once he had done the work to convince her to marry him, everything went downhill.

When Tim’s true colors proved to be too hurtful for Katherine to endure, she left him, deciding it preferable to run for the rest of her life rather than remain locked away in an abusive marriage. She had spent the past two years looking over her shoulder, ever fearful of the inevitable day that Tim would appear, ready to destroy whatever life she had pieced together once again.

When she had found the job at the bakery in the hip neighborhood near her new apartment, Katherine had hope that she might be able to finally build and maintain a new life for herself. In some ways, a part of her wanted to face Tim, tired of the running. But, now as she looked at his muscular frame towering over everyone in the party, she knew she wasn’t ready for a fight.

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