The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

A Teacher Student Romance



I clutched my books to my chest, walking down the hallway self-consciously. My girls are so huge, big Double Ds, that sometimes I’m embarrassed if I don’t cover them somehow. So often I hug my books to me tightly, like a shield against … what, I’m not sure.

Because I’m a curvy brunette with a couple extra pounds. Okay, you got me, it’s more than a couple extra pounds. I’m generously proportioned, with big boobs, wide, swaying hips, and an ass that you could serve a meal on. I can’t help it. Just last year, I’d been normal, even skinny, but overnight my new figure popped out and I’m still not used to the Jessica Rabbit proportions.

Take last week for example. I’d wandered down the hall past some meathead jocks, guys from the football team and usually it’s no big deal. I’m used to being an invisible girl and probably half the kids at school wouldn’t be able to pick me out from a crowd. Except it was different this time. As I skulked by, chin down, anonymous in jeans and a sweater, the guys began nudging each other, whispering before one finally spoke.

“Nice rack,” grunted Chip Wilsey. “Hubba hubba, baby girl.”

And I’d colored, picking up the pace so that I was practically speedwalking before rounding the corner and coming to a stop, taking a deep breath. It felt so strange. I could still feel the male eyes on my ass, my back, my thighs, my boobs, and I thought it’d be bad, but instead it just felt … different. Like tingly, shivery, shaky different. Kind of exciting if I was honest about it, it was nice to have guys appreciate my assets, especially after years where I was nothing but a shadow. So I flushed, bit my lip, and moved on, savoring the experience, storing the memory for long nights alone in my bed.

But even my new-found figure couldn’t get me a date for Homecoming. Oh no, I was going stag, there was no one waiting at the door with a corsage and a cheesy smile. So I’d resigned myself to getting ready with my friend Mindy as she waited for her boyfriend Homer to pick her up. Homer was okay. He and Mindy had been “dating” since fifth grade and he was a gamer type – his latest thing being Pokemon Go! which I thought was a little juvenile for high school, but I guess Mindy didn’t mind.

“Oh my god I’m so excited, Homer said he was going to get me a corsage!” she babbled. “I told him purple since my dress is purple.”

I laughed a little because Mindy was so ridiculous. It wasn’t just her dress that was purple. She had purple eyeshadow, purple shoes, and a purple necklace in addition to her purple dress, making her into the Incredible Purple Walking Girl if you asked me. But I bit down on my laugh and smiled encouragingly.

“You look great,” I said, “Homer’s going to love it.”

A little white lie never killed anyone, and Mindy just ate it up.

“I know, look,” she said. And she pulled her dress up for just an instant, flashing her undies, which of course were an eye-searing shade of violet.

“Oh my god,” I said, stifling giggles. “Those looked really fancy, where’d you get them?”

“Coeur de L’Amour,” she replied smugly, referring to a fancy French boutique in our neighborhood which sold all sorts of racy and lacy underthings. “Went in there after school and picked up some stuff, hope I’ll be able to use it tonight,” she said wickedly.

And internally I was grossed out because Homer had a raging case of teen acne, I wouldn’t be able to get up close and personal with the gangly boy even if you paid me. But more power to Mindy if that’s what she wanted, different strokes for different folks after all.

“I’m sure he’ll love it,” I said reassuringly. “What guy wouldn’t? You look amazing.”

“Really? Thanks Eves, you’re a doll,” she said, staring in the mirror at herself critically before deciding to go in for another coat of blush. “What about you?” she asked, never taking her eyes off her reflection. “What are your plans?” My best friend sucked in her cheeks so she looked like a fish before carefully applying the additional make-up.

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