The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

I colored.

“Well, after you leave with Homer, I was going to drive myself to the dance,” I mumbled.

“What?” murmured Mindy absentmindedly. Now she was reapplying lip gloss, in the color purple of course.

“I said I was going to go by myself,” I said loudly this time. “It’s no big deal, I can handle it.”

And that got her attention.

“Of course,” said my friend with a pitying smile. “It’ll be fine. Tons of people are going stag, you just have to find the right crowd and it’ll be a ball. Look for me in the auditorium when you get there, you can always hang out with me and Homer.”

And I smiled gratefully except I knew she was just being kind. Mindy wanted to get down and dirty with her boyfriend tonight and me as a third wheel wasn’t exactly part of the plan. I’d just be an unwanted distraction and ruin everything. So I hemmed and hawed until she left, before doing something wicked to make myself feel better.

I know, I hardly give the impression that I’m naughty. Really, I’m a good girl who goes to class and does her homework, not the type of person you’d pick out for some dirty no-no. Except I was dreading the dance so much that I’d settled on a little something to help me through the night.

So I rolled the kumquat around with my fingers after Mindy left, feeling the smooth, olive-sized orb, the skin an almost fluorescent shade of orange. Oh my god, said the voice in my head. Are you really going to be that dirty girl?

But I nodded resolutely. I’d picked the kumquat from the tree outside the Biology classroom, and it was my little savior. This dance was going to be no fun and I needed a filthy secret, a little something to keep me going. So I pulled down my panties, edging the lace over my hips and squatted a bit, opening up my pussy. Taking the little fruit in hand, I slipped it over my pussy lips, warming it up, letting the smooth orb massage my private place, stirring it around my clit a bit. And fortunately I was already wet, my cunny’s generous with the cream.

So I took a deep breath and squatted a little more, bending at the knees. Gripping the fruit between two fingers, I slowly pushed it into my hole. It felt so good. I’m a virgin so I’m really tight, but the kumquat was small and I was able to slide it in without much effort so that the orange globe was poised at the entrance of my pussy.

Bending over, I looked down. Oh yeah, that was fucking unreal, the bit of orange peeping out between my naked pussy lips. To make sure it’d stay in through the dancing, I pushed it in a bit further so that my labia closed around the fruit comfortably, the perfect pink prison, pristine and precious. Nothing looked out of place.

And straightening, I smiled a secret smile and wiggled my ass a little. The orb inside rolled sensuously, making me gasp involuntarily, shivers running from my cunt, spreading through my lower pelvic area. Oh fuck, was I really ready to get down with this little toy in my cunny? Feel the internal massage as I boogied at Homecoming?

And smiling that wicked smile again, I shook my hips once more for effect. Oh god, that was good, and I could hardly keep from moaning aloud, my eyes falling closed as the toy rolled within my internal channel, massaging my wet cunt. Oh fuck, it was good. This was going to be the best school dance ever.



I rounded the corner, coming to a deserted hallway. Looking around to make sure I was alone, I shook a cigarette out of the pack and furtively lit up, taking a deep, satisfying drag, making sure to exhale out an open window.

Fuck, it fucking sucked being here on a Saturday night. All teachers at Spencer Prep are expected to put in some “service” in addition to our teaching duties and mine was chaperoning this fucking teenage dance. I could hear the thump of music from the auditorium, the beat muffled as a rap song came on, some dude chanting about “everywhere I go, I see the same old ho.” What a winner of a song.

Come to think of it, it was kinda catchy and the tune was good even if the lyrics were ridiculous. The squeals of various girls rang out as they twisted against their teenage boyfriends, gyrating and humping on the dance floor. I shrugged. Hey, this was a high school function, a safe place to grind in front of the eyes of guidance counselors, teachers, and our vice principal. Besides, I just wanted some peace for my nicotine fix, the kids could get nasty all they wanted.

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