The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

Because I hated that look. It was popular with some guys, sure, an underweight skeleton accessorized by huge gazongas, but that wasn’t me. I like fleshy and real, a juicy ass to grab, huge handfuls of breast, and chunky thighs to bite into. So Kim was borderline gross in my world view, made all the worse because she sat up front each day, batting her eyelashes my way.

But the girl I really wanted to know had just made things easy for me. Evie stood nervously by my desk, her hands crossed in front of her, shy and ducking her head, that mass of glorious brunette curls distracting me. What would it feel like to run my hands through the shining fall, wrap a strand or two around my dick? But I shook myself. I was getting ahead of myself.

“So,” I began casually, leaning back in my chair. “I hear you’re aiming to take the AP exam at the end of the year.”

“Um yeah,” she said, biting her lip, her cheeks slightly pink. “But it’s not because your class is bad or anything, Mr. Phillips. It’s because I’m learning so much that I figured I might be able to pass the exam with just a little extra studying.”

My eyebrows shot up.

“Just a little extra?” I asked. “The AP exam is really tough and my class is regular biology, not advanced placement. How are you going to pass that thing, much less get a five?” A five was the highest score you could get.

“Well,” Evie said, looking hesitantly at me. “My parents have offered to spring for a tutor. Sort of,” she corrected. “I have to pay for some of the sessions myself.”

My eyebrows raised again.

“Biology tutors don’t come cheap,” I rumbled casually. “A colleague of mine tutors on the side but it’s a hundred fifty bucks a pop. That’s a hundred fifty bucks per hour,” I stressed.

And the beautiful girl’s face fell.

“Oh I didn’t realize,” she mumbled, looking down. “I thought it would be fifteen dollars an hour, maybe twenty. My family can’t afford a hundred fifty, not even if I chip in because we’re working class and my parents are already stretching their budget to send me to Spencer. So I guess it’s not going to happen,” she concluded, embarrassed, looking down.

I was silent for a moment before speaking again.

“Well,” I said smoothly, “I’d like to help. How about if I tutor you? Say some extra sessions after school until you take the test?”

The brunette’s eyes flew open, the caramel pools so warm and hopeful that I almost drowned in the molten chocolate.

“Oh would you?” she breathed. But then she paused, a little confused. “But why? I don’t get it, you won’t get anything out of tutoring me.”

I kept my expression impassive.

“That’s not true,” I corrected gently. “It reflects well on me if a student of mine takes an advanced exam and passes with flying colors. It speaks to my effectiveness as an instructor, and maybe,” I shrugged, “they’ll consider it when it comes to reviews.”

I didn’t add that I didn’t plan on staying at the school much longer so reviews were pretty much a moot point. But the little girl didn’t need to know.

Evie bit her lip.

“I guess that makes sense,” she said slowly. “And if I do well, maybe Spencer Prep will funnel some resources into the Biology department. They’ll see that students are really motivated and help you buy some new supplies, some new plants, that kind of stuff,” she said, biting her lip. Was she thinking of the kumquat tree I kept outside the classroom in a big pot? The delicious fruit, golden orange and ripe? I definitely hoped so, and we’d be getting to that soon enough. But for now, Evie’s eyes were filled with hope.

“Would you, Mr. Phillips? If you tutored me, it’d make all the difference,” she breathed. “I want to be a doctor and this will help get my pre-med studies started. But,” and here her chin trembled. “My family can’t afford to pay you much,” she said quietly. “Like I mentioned, we’re working class and I’m actually only here because of a scholarship. We can’t afford someone as highly qualified as you.”

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