The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

But two fingers weren’t enough.

“More,” I panted, commanding my brothers.

“Okay little girl, get ready,” said Caleb. Twisting his wrist, he began forcing his entire hand up my twat. It was fucking obscene to see. My pink lips were stretched so thin that they were like rubber bands around his wrist, and goddamn but my brother had big hands too, so this was no small feat.

I moaned deliriously, tossing my hair back, arching my back with my breasts held up to the sky. Tantalizingly, I rubbed my nipples as my pussy was fisted, one man with his hand buried in my twat, the other furiously flicking my clit.

But the time had come.

“I need it brothers,” I panted. “It’s time.”

And my brothers obliged. Caleb removed his hand and got down on the floor, lying on his back. Gesturing to me, he beckoned me closer so that I straddled him reverse cowgirl. And god, it felt so good to feel that big dick slip inside. Oh yeah, I was stretched, the fisting had done its job and I slid down his veiny shaft like fireman on a firepole slicked with grease. It had never felt so good before.

I tilted backwards, so that I lay face up on Caleb’s chest and teasingly raised my legs, slim and lithe in the stockings and heels.

“Caden, come and get it,” I cooed.

My soon to be husband stepped forward eagerly. Positioning himself between my legs, he pointed his dick at my hole, which was plugged tight with his brother’s dick. But he wasn’t deterred at all.

“Brother, hold on,” he grunted. Taking his cock in hand, he pushed down on Caleb’s member, forcing the other cock lower so that the tiniest space opened at the top of my vag. With an insistent thrust, he pushed his fuckpole into that space and reader, I was doing it. I was taking two dicks at once, doing the double V, and I loved every second of it.

Chills ran up my spine, my body dissolving into a cockholster for these gorgeous men that I loved.

“Do me,” I murmured hazily, writhing on Caleb’s body. “Make me your woman.”

“Oh little girl, we will and we have,” said Cade. The two dicks in me began to pulse, pushing in and out, rubbing against each other, my brother’s ball sacks bouncing up and down, hitting each other in an eternal rhythm.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” I chanted. “Use my body, make me yours.”

And I was fucked into heaven and back, the two cocks exploding in me at once, virile sperm from both men coating my chamber, spraying my ovaries with multiple streams of viscous white. Simultaneously, I peaked as well. My little puss contracted, milking the two dongs, squeezing every drop from them, demanding that they give up their man juice.

It was magnificent, everything that I’d hoped it be. As we calmed, our breathing growing even once again, I heard a light tapping on the door.

“Ms. Walsh,” said the manager’s voice sternly. “We can’t have you doing that in here. This is a reputable bridal salon and the dressing rooms are for trying on gowns only. Otherwise, I’m going to call the police and there’s going to be a big scandal.”

Scandal? My brothers and I looked at each other and laughed. We’d already been to hell and back, and scandal was the least of our worries now.


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