Don't Look

By: Jessa Kane

Shouldn’t be touching her. I’m too old and jaded for somebody so perfect.

Even with those admonishments ringing in my ears, I turn my head to the side and tug down on her chin, so I can slant my mouth over her smaller one, listening to the rasp of my beard on her soft skin. She tries to close her legs, but my hips block them, and she whimpers, beginning to writhe. “M-Mick…”

I skim my teeth in a circle behind her ear. “What’s wrong?”

She arches her back, her fingers clutching and unclutching the sides of my shirt. “I don’t know.”

After making sure none of the other bar patrons can see what I’m doing, I slide my hand between her thighs, not stopping until her cunt is sitting right on top of my cupped palm. Until she can’t move without grinding that virgin flesh down on my hand. “Does your pussy get excited when I have my tongue in your mouth, baby?”

“Is that what it is? Excited?” I curl my middle finger, pressing against the thin cotton covering her hole. This gorgeous virgin is wet as fuck, enjoying my touch even though being with a man is new to her. With all of her weight on top of my hand, Hailey has no choice but to bear down on the near-intrusion, soft mewls breaking past her lips, her hips rocking. “What i-is it excited for?”

Fuck, her total lack of knowledge where men are concerned really shouldn’t be turning me on. I’ve never begrudged a woman’s past experiences before. They’re entitled to pleasure as any man. But hell if my dick isn’t trying to rip through the seams of my jeans with the need to sink into uncharted territory. So I can call this girl mine in the basest sense of the word. “What do you know about sex, Hailey?”

Pink paints her cheeks. “I know men and women touch each other in bed. I know it’s how babies are made.”

“But you don’t know the mechanics.”

She shakes her head.

I can’t scare the hell out of this girl by telling her where I’d like to put ten inches of hard cock. My wish is to keep her safe, and she’ll feel the furthest thing from it if I’m brutally honest. No, I can’t. I’d rather gnaw off my own arm before making her afraid.

In the meantime, though, there’s a sweet, horny girl humping my hand like she can’t help it and doesn’t know why she’s even compelled to do it. And there’s a ten-mile-wide streak of responsibility inside me to relieve her ache. Not in here, though. I’m not letting down my guard in this place for a second. It could put Hailey in jeopardy, and that is flat-out unacceptable.

I lean in and kiss her mouth hard, twisting those bee-stung lips with mine and delivering tongue deep, rubbing it against hers. When she seems poised to lose herself, I ease back an inch. “Tell Mick how your pussy feels now.”

“Wet,” she whispers, sounding embarrassed. “Ticklish, I think?”

“That’s good, Goldie. That’s how it should feel.” Her visible relief makes my throat hurt. “I can make it feel even better. In a way that will stop the ticklish feeling and make you relax again.”

She nods, her hands sliding up and back on my shoulders, her legs restless. “That’s what I want. It’s like a balloon and I’m filling up…”

“And you want to be popped.”


“Good girl.” I lift her off the stool, pleased when her ankles lock behind my back. After making sure the coat is covering her ass, I stride for the exit.

“Hey!” The bartender yells. “You haven’t paid for her drinks.”

“I’ll be back.”

No sooner have I kicked open the bar door than we’re in front of my Mercedes. I unlock the door and settle Hailey on her feet, then duck into the backseat and bring her with me, tucking her sideways on my lap and slamming the door. With a press of a button, I hear the lock engage, and knowing she’s safe, I discard my keys in the foot well.

She tucks her face into my neck, her finger drawing an invisible heart on my chest. “Can we do more kissing?”

Oh my God. Every time I think her spell has pulled me in deep as possible, I sink further. If there were a twenty-four-hour wedding chapel within view, I’d kick the door down and demand they make her my wife. Mine. She’s just…mine. My fucking pulse is going crazy and my stomach is permanently flipped as proof. “We can kiss as much as you want. But I’m going to touch you more while we do it.” I untie the belt of her coat and push the sides apart. Despite the dark interior of the car, I see her perked nipples, the swell of her tits over the top of her sports bra, the slim taper of her belly. “You want my hands on you, don’t you, baby?”

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