Don't Look

By: Jessa Kane

Through the onslaught of sensations, I sense he’s suffering. The beads of sweat forming on his forehead confirm it. “It’s taking everything for you not to what?”

“Nothing, Goldie. Not now.”

He leans down to kiss me again, but I speak first, my words hitching as the pleasure swells and swells, my flesh beginning to clench beneath his fingers. Where does this buildup end? “Tell me.”

“I don’t want to scare you, but it’s going to happen sooner or later.” Mick’s tongue skates across his lower lip. “That part of me you feel under your ass, baby? That’s my cock. It’s the part of a man that gets a woman pregnant, but it’s there for fucking, too. Sex. There’s a tight, little hole between your legs that was put there to take that part of me inside of it. Right down deep until you’re pinned with nowhere to go until I’m finished. And it’s taking everything not to rip these shorts off your body and make you a woman right now.”

So many things Mick says are surprising, but I know they probably shouldn’t be. I should know what men and women do together. My parents kept me sheltered and homeschooled until I was fourteen, though. After that, I was confined to my room. In so many ways, I’m unprepared for this world and in this moment, I resent it. I resent it so much, I want to be defiant and jump in feet first. “Do it.”

“No,” Mick growls, kissing me hard. “Don’t tempt me, baby. Please.”

“I want it,” I insist between assaults from his mouth. “I want you to put your cock in my tight little hole.”

“Hailey. Fuck.” Mick’s middle finger ends its torture of my clit and I whine in protest, searching his hand out with my own to put it back. I’m totally unprepared for his middle finger to sink inside me, filling me so suddenly that I cry out his name. “Look at you. You’re barely ready to be fingered.”

He’s wrong. But I can’t tell him that because the pressure inside me is building to a fever pitch. There’s a twinge of discomfort, but it’s miniscule compared to the enjoyment I get when Mick tickles a mysterious spot inside of me, his thumb beginning a rough fondle of my clit. Oh my Lord. My legs begin to shake, blood rushing to my head as if through a broken dam. What is happening to me?

“Mick. Mick.”

Ink-blue eyes crawl over me in wonder and lust. “No fucking way,” he breathes. “Got a cunt so tight I can’t even twist my finger, but she’s dripping wet and bucking against me for another one. There’s nothing like you, Hailey. Nothing.”

His head drops to take one of my nipples into his mouth, pulling long and hard…and I leave the planet. I just leave it. Something inside me gives way and I thrash on Mick’s lap, my thighs sliding together and apart while the flesh between them squeezes. Squeezes. Mick continues to draw his finger in and out of me slowly, his tongue curling around my nipples in turn, tugging and sucking them. It’s the most incredible moment of my life, this absolute high. I’m flying. But I’m also grounded by this man who touches me with such reverence and care.

Underneath my bottom, Mick’s hips are restless and his breathing is shallow, but he doesn’t rip off my shorts, like he said he wanted. No, his lips move in a slow count to ten, his nostrils flaring. And all the while, he holds me close and rocks me. Minutes later, my limbs are hanging like limp noodles, but my heartbeat has finally gone back to normal. I open my eyes to find Mick studying me with an intense expression.

“No one will ever lock you up again. I’m going to give you everything you could ever want in this life, Goldie.” His thumb traces my cheekbone. “That starts by getting you home safe. Getting you warm and fed…and right back on my lap where you belong. Okay?”

I know he’s not going to accept any other answer from me besides yes. I want so badly to have the freedom to say yes and mean it. To stay with this man. But it’s fantasy, to think I could live openly with my father’s neighbor. Ivan Stepanov would find us in the farthest reaches of Siberia, let alone right across the canyon. Maybe I can go home with Mick just for one night, though? My father is out of town, so he won’t know I’m missing. I could be back in my tower before he arrives home tomorrow. Mick will never know I’m behind the tinted window a football field away. And I’ll have a whole night with Mick to remember. To keep me company in my solitude.

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