Her Breeding Bull Billionaire

By: Francis Ashe

“Don’t cum.” He said in a low, raspy, baritone. “If you do, I won’t. You can cum after I do.”

I took a deep breath.

And let it out.

Another one.

Every ounce of my concentration went to calming my quivers. Breathe Ashleigh. Breathe.

He pushed forward again, making sure there was no cock at all left unsheathed. Those wonderful, smooth, heavy balls rested against my lips, and he gave me about a half-second to collect myself before he started tilting his hips, working his prick in a slight rotation.

“Oh,” I gulped, “o-okay, yes sir.” Off behind me, Jeff groaned. I wonder if that was round two for him.

Then, all of a sudden, Mr. Richards just pulled out, leaving a void.

“Did I do something wrong?” My breathing was still hard, still heavy. Slowly, the quickening pulses in my sex began to subside.

“Were there two silks in my pocket earlier?”

I thought back. “Two... yes, sir. The other is over there, on the floor, I think.”

He searched the floor. In the dimmed light, it was hard to see much, but he spotted something, and stooped over.

“Feet together.”

Just like he did with my wrists, he lashed an expert knot and cinched it into place. “Hmm... Alright. Now bend down. Put your wrists near your ankles.”

I wondered why, but only briefly. Mr. Richards snatched the belt from where it lay on the back of the couch and secured my hands to my feet. I had a little room to move, but not much. Something about being bound like this – about being completely helpless – sent a shiver up my spine. He could do absolutely anything he wants. Neither of us would have a hope of stopping him. I felt a little trickle of pussy juice run down the inside of my leg. Oh my God I hope this is all he wants before he gets back to ramming me.

“You look beautiful like this, Ashleigh. How does it feel? Nice and tight?” On the last word, he stuck three fingers back inside me, rotating them and dragging them sweetly across that spot on my front wall that makes me shiver. Already I felt my heat rise.

“Tsk, tsk. I feel these little pussy muscles gripping me. Remember what I said. You cum again, and that’s it. We’re done. Don’t go this far and then disappoint me.”

“Yes... yes, sir,” I whimpered, gritting my teeth against the orgasm.

“None of this works without me. I am the most important part of the whole thing. Don’t you agree, Jeff?” He turned his eyes to my husband, who was still furiously tugging at himself. Jeff nodded.

“Beg me to fuck you,” he turned back to me. “Beg me to fill you up.”

Mr. Richards withdrew his fingers and waited.

“Please, Mister Richards. Please fuck me again. I promise I won’t cum.” I looked back and up at him, “Not until you do. Please...”

“That’s a girl.”

He slid his cock up and down my slit, dipped his head into my hole, and the back out for another stroke. I was, by then, leaking juice all over him, and down my legs.

“So wet. So nice and wet.”

In one instant, he leveled himself against me, took hold of my hips in his iron grip, and rammed in so hard that I let out a pleasured scream.

Out, then in. Mr. Richards jammed his cock harder and harder inside me. He pistoned himself faster, letting his balls slap against my sore, inflamed lips. Each stroke brought me one step closer to that precipice that I was straining and fighting to avoid.

The friction in my pussy was white hot. As he slammed into me, I felt heat rise from my loins and spread over my belly and up my back. A tiny jet of sex juice leaked out of me. I knew there was nothing I could do about the orgasm. I just hoped he somehow came first.

“Not... not long now,” he said behind me, his voice strained. “Not long.”

A hiss of air between his teeth preceded a burst of harder, fiercer strokes – desperate, hungry ones. My knees became weaker, and I found myself bending them despite trying to stay upright. He said nothing, but bent his to accommodate. Finally, it felt like he was almost holding me up by my hips, driving that huge cock brutally inside me, ravaging and ravishing my body.

Never, not once in my entire life, had I ever felt that amount of urgency and sweet, deep-seated pleasure.

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