Her Breeding Bull Billionaire

By: Francis Ashe


Bonus Material: Daddy’s Baby – Bred by My Daddy 2 (taboo pregnant sex erotica)

Liz loves her step-daddy, Peter, more than anything in the world. As her due-date approaches, she looks forward to his weekend visits more and more. No matter how sore her back or swollen her belly gets, Peter always takes her pain and turns it to pleasure.

When she hears him come inside her apartment, she falls into a fitful sleep and dreams of a time when he came inside her instead!

Warning: This 7000+ word steamy erotic sizzler features a taboo pregnancy fetish, sex with a beautiful pregnant lady, a caring, worshipful step-dad who knows all the right moves, heart-felt, urgent sexual intercourse, explicit sexual situations, multiple squirting female orgasms, and two cumshots - inside and out!


I wriggled around so that we were face to face, him on top of me, our eyes only inches apart.

We stared into one another for a sparse few moments. The way he looked at me, the way he held me in his gaze and in his arms, well, I know I keep saying this, but it all felt so right.

When I felt him shift his weight and push his dick between my thighs, the remnants of massage-stupor immediately turned to raw desire. He kissed either side of my face, and then traced my jawline to that place behind my ear that makes me prickle. Peter sucked my earlobe between his lips, his tongue flicking back and forth, fondling me. He nibbled, first on my ear, then on the back of my neck near where my hair started.

“Ohhhh, oh daddy, yessss...”

Daddy rose up again and ran one of his hands down the center line of my body to the beginning of my slit. He fingered the line of my sex and then pushed between my lips, letting all that slickness begin to trickle onto the comforter.

His lips went down my neck, sucking and nibbling along my collarbone to the front of my chest. One of Peter’s fingers rotated slowly, drilling gently into my pussy. I gasped when he sunk deep enough that his palm pressed against me. He slid another finger in beside the first, both circling, until he found my favorite spot. As soon as I started to squirm, he pushed harder, dragging his tips along the front of my pussy and rubbing back and forth over my aching clit.

Peter’s palm felt tremendous and those fingers turning inside me had cranked up my body temperature probably ten degrees since he started. His airy, fluttering kisses up and down my jaw-line were enough to swoon over. But, I thought as I reached down between my legs, this cock is what I really want.

My hand on his tool made my daddy jump a bit and brought a smile to his lips. “Why baby girl,” he said, “seems to me like you want something, huh?” He kissed me again, this time he tasted my mouth, his tongue swirling inside. As I began to stroke his long, thick cock, he started to breathe heavier. Wrapping my legs around his hips, I was able to rub the backs of Peter’s muscular thighs with my heels, which made him groan appreciatively. The harder I pressed, the more satisfied he sounded, and the closer his dick came to my sopping wet hole.

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