Her Breeding Bull Billionaire

By: Francis Ashe

I drove my hips backwards, forcing his fingers deeper.

His fingers working in circles and his palm pushed against my clit brought me, before I knew what was happening, to the brink.

A gentle, squeezing, tension between my legs soon gave way to the waves of my first orgasm, and forced my body to pulse rhythmically around those delicious fingers.

“Oh, is my dirty little girl cumming? Do you like how it feels to have a real man’s fingers inside you? Imagine what it’ll be like to have this big cock in there.” Mr. Richards let out a soft groaning sound as he stroked his length between my legs, withdrew his fingers and pushed his dick up between my lips. The top of his shaft stroked against me, getting all nice and slick from my juice. “Imagine how deep it’s going to be. How good it’s going to feel when your tight little pussy is all stretched out around me. You think that’ll feel good? Hmm?”

I heard Jeff let out a little sigh and caught a glimpse of him pulling on himself as Mr. Richards reached around my hips and pulled the head of his cock upward. Already I felt myself begin to go weak in the knees as he grinded against my swollen lips. Is he – is he going to make me cum again? So soon? Holy shit!

And then he stopped.

“Wh-why’d you stop?” I asked, whinier than I meant to be.

“I’m not here to please you,” he replied, “You brought me here to fuck you. That was a reward for how well you sucked my dick. I’ll let you cum again if you keep pleasing me.”

That was all he needed to say.

“Please, sir,” I said in my best little girl voice, “please fuck this pussy. He,” I nodded toward Jeff, “he never does it right. Please, please show me what a real man can do. I’ve never - never had one before just now.” Jeff gave a little grunt. I passively wondered if he’d made himself cum already.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He tugged on his makeshift reins, forcing my ass against his muscled pubis and once again, the heat of his cock permeated my body, warming me inside and out. Mr. Richards gave me two simulated fuck strokes, back and forth between my legs, before he loosened the belt around my throat for a moment.

He slid his tip up and down the opening of my slit. On the second pass, I let out a shudder as I felt him wrestle inside my hole. Tight, still pulsing and tingly from the orgasm a few seconds past, my pussy was ready to be filled.

The pain of Mr. Richards’ cock sliding inside me was only partially mitigated by how incredible it felt to stretch around his incredible girth. I knew he was going to be bigger than Jeff, but he’s bigger than anyone I’ve ever had. With his cock buried halfway, he paused to give me a swat on the ass, and then pulled out until his tip almost left me.

The forceful, insistent way that he shoved back in surprised me. I was able to yelp out an “Aah!” before he tugged on the reins, sticking my voice in my throat. He pulled out again and rammed forward just a little deeper than he had been. Again, again – harder and rougher he crammed himself inside me. Each time he stretched my wonderfully sore, tired pussy, electricity shot up my spine that tickled my scalp. His hold on the belt rein eased a little, and one of his hands moved to my waist as he pumped out and in, faster and stronger, cramming almost his full length inside my sweetly aching sex.

“Ah! Mister – mmm... Mister Richards, is this how a real man fucks a woman? You’re so strong, so big... oh my God, I’ve never felt anything like your cock.” I looked back to see his reaction. His face was grim, but he had a pleased look. “Is – is my little pussy good to you? Is it... ung!” He rammed home again and I grunted my pleasure. “Is it good enough for you?”

His answer was another smart thwack! and another hard thrust. The ferocity he showed was almost too much. That swat made all the skin on my back prickle as the sting radiated up me, and I felt yet another round of tension start to build. My muscles tensed, and I knew that soon he’d feel my pussy squeeze him.

“You’re – you’re making me cum again! Oh please don’t stop, Mister Richards! Pl-please don’t stop! Fuck me harder!”

He pushed forward, slow and hard. Dropping the belt around my throat altogether, he moved his hand to the crook of my neck. As though warning me, Mr. Richards squeezed until it hurt. Then, I felt the smooth, heavy heat of his ballsack touch my snatch, and was immediately wracked with another sputter of pleasure. So full, so full, oh my God such good pain.

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