Tease (Club Deep #1)

By: Penny Wylder

There’s a scream from behind us, and I’m jerked back to reality. I turn back to the scene and find the man has reached her pussy with the wax. He’s letting it fall right on her clit, drop by drop. One of Cole’s arms snakes around my waist, and the other hand slides over my hip, over my pants, lower and lower until his finger is pressing against me. Right through the thin fabric, his finger is on my clit. He presses in time with the drops of wax.

“Every drop he brings the candle a little closer to her skin,” his lips are at my ear, and I shiver. “The closer the candle, the less time the wax has to cool. Every drop just has a little more bite.”

He’s caressing me, and I’m getting wetter by the second. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I soak through my pants to his fingers. “The only games we play here are sexual ones,” Cole says. “If we want something, we’re direct. I want you, Andrea.” He punctuates his words with fingers, moving in circles, sending sparks of pleasure coursing through me. “Come with me?”


He chuckles. “One of the rooms upstairs. Your choice. You saw them earlier, which one would you like?”

My mind flashes through the themes: Orgy, dungeon, Victorian, medical, office, beach, and the desert room. The room that’s filled with silk and spices. Yes. “I don’t know what it’s called. Officially. The room like a desert.”

“You can call it whatever you like,” Cole says. “What’s the fantasy? Sold to a Bedouin who wants to ravage you? First night in the harem? Captured and given as a gift to the king?”

I freeze at his last suggestion, the story opening up in my head like my head like it was already there. Cole’s laugh is soft in my ear. “King it is then.” He spins me away from him like we’re dancing. “I have to check in with my partners, make sure our clients left and let them know I’ll be unavailable for the rest of the evening. Go pick out whatever you’d like. I’ll send someone to help you get ready.”

He kisses my hand, and then he’s gone, leaving me breathless and shaking. Oh god. This is happening. A day ago nothing like this would ever have been a part of my reality, and now there’s nothing I want more. I shake myself from the thoughts, making my way to the stairs and up towards the desert room.


Just like earlier, no one is in the desert room. I duck inside the little costume room, and look around. I assume that when he told me to pick out whatever I’d like that this is what he meant. A little thrill goes through me. This is so weird, and exciting. My heart is pounding in anticipation, thinking about what’s going to happen when Cole joins me here. A fantasy.

Those words he said, I’ve never…I haven’t actually had a fantasy like that. Not directly, but when he said that…

I don’t know. It’s like a pit of need opened up in my stomach. Everything about that—vulnerability, helplessness, and royalty. I want all of that. I want to live in a fantasy world for just a while where nothing is quite real and everything is fun and playful and sexy.

I flip through the racks of the clothes, from completely sheer outfits to outfits with so much detail and fabric that I’m sure I’d be swallowed up and invisible. I end up going for something a little in the middle. Blue and sheer, with just enough solid fabric that the essentials are covered and not much more. After all, if I were being given as a gift, I’m not sure modesty would be a consideration. I laugh out loud. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Even if I hate it, it’ll be a good story. The one time I tried to role-play…

I have the bottom half of the costume on—a glittery skirt with a slit all the way to my upper thigh—and nothing else when I hear the door open. I freeze. I didn’t think about asking Cole what to do if someone else comes in to use the room. Do we still use it? Does he get priority because he’s the owner? I’m not sure I want anyone else in the room. “Hello?” I call out.

A petite woman about my age appears at the door to the dressing room, and I pull one of the other costumes out from the rack to cover myself.

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