His Possession (The Owners, 1)

By: Sam Crescent

Calling Stacey into his office, he informed her she’d begin training her replacement. By the end of the day when he was ready to leave he found Violet gathering her purse from the cloak room.

“You’re working late,” he said.

She jumped and turned to face him, a blush staining her cheeks. “I’m sorry. I was told I was to work until the last member of staff leaves.”

He noted as her fingers shook on her coat. “Here let me help.” Taking the coat from her fingers he helped her into it, his hands lingering on her shoulders.

“Why are you shaking?” he asked against her ear.

“I’m cold.”

“Then let me drive you home.”

“I can’t do that,” she said.

“Yes, I can, and I won’t take, no for an answer.” He took her arm and led her out of the offices into his waiting limo. Telling the driver where to go, Cadeon placed the partition up. He wanted privacy with her in his limo.

She sat in the corner as far away from him as possible.

“Why are you scared of me?”

“I’m not scared.”

“Then move a little closer. This limo is big enough for the both of us.” He tapped the seat and waited for her to move closer. Violet slid an inch away from the door. “A little closer.”

Another inch. Tired of waiting for the heat of her body to be near his, Cadeon reached over the small gap and pulled her closer with a hand on her waist and leg.

She squealed but sat frozen where he left her. “There, that’s better.”

While she stared out of the window, Cadeon watched her. A floral scent teased his senses, and he leaned closer and inhaled.

“What perfume are you wearing?” he asked.

“I don’t wear perfume,” she whispered.

The scent was her natural fragrance.

“You smell beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you.”

Her hands were entwined and clasped in her lap. Without thinking he took one of her hands and rested one in his hand so they were palm to palm.

“You’re so tiny.” Testing her hand he moved down and circled her wrist using his middle finger and thumb. Her body might be that of a voluptuous woman, but her wrists were delicate.

She pulled on her hand. He let her go and watched as she sat on them. Violet didn’t like to be touched. He could see her fighting with his presence.

Too bad. He wanted her to get used to him. As the limo began to slow, Cadeon glanced around at the street and gasped. Violet lived in a really poor neighbourhood. The houses were run down with mattresses on the front lawn. He saw a couple doing the deed against a shop door. Everything screamed out trouble. Her house lay between two buildings. On the right each window was smashed, and the residue caused from a fire scorched the brick walls. On her left a man with a bulging belly and tattoos let men into the house. He knew what was going on behind those walls.

“Thank you for the lift,” she said, moving to the handle. Cadeon had control of the limo functions where he sat and locked the door. There was no way he’d let her out of his sight. “What are you doing?”

“I’m not leaving you here. Dogs are treated better than this.” The glass giving them privacy from the driver began to pull down.

“This is my home. I’m safe I assure you.”

Cadeon closed his eyes. The trouble she was near and could possibly be dragged in was too much to bear. Didn’t she have the first clue of how vulnerable she was?

“Take me back to my home,” he said and pressed the button for privacy again.

The car pulled away, and Violet attacked the door. “You can’t keep me against my will.” Her actions were becoming more hysterical with each tug.

“Stop it, Violet.”

Immediately she stopped, folded her arms over her chest and turned away from him. Was his Violet a little submissive at heart?

“There is no way I could leave you there.”

“It’s my home.”

Running his fingers through his hair, Cadeon lost his temper. “Do you have any idea the danger you were in? What about that man living next door? Who do you think those men were paying to visit? Nuns?”

She shrank away from him and his temper.

“I know what they were doing.”

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