His Possession (The Owners, 1)

By: Sam Crescent

A knock came seconds before Anne brought through a tray with the tea on. “I made some sandwiches.” Anne placed the tray on the coffee table and left.

“You need to eat,” he said. Not letting go of her hand, he led her to the sofa and brought her to sit on his lap.

“I really should refuse....”

“Do you think I’d let you sit anywhere but here?” His hand lay across her leg.

She shook her head.


With her still in his lap he grabbed the nearest plate of sandwiches and placed it on her lap. “Eat.”

Taking a sandwich she took a small bite and chewed. Violet believed it was a ham sandwich. She didn’t taste much of it. Having him constantly staring put her off eating.

“Do you do this for all of your personal assistants?” she found herself asking.

“No. You’re different.”

Unsure what he meant, she ate two sandwiches and handed him the plate back. His hand on her leg was moving in circles up and down and along her knee.

He placed the plate back and handed her a cup of steaming tea. Violet didn’t know what was happening. Should she demand to get off his knee? Scold him for forcing her to do something she didn’t like? Men usually were polite, and they smiled at her. Nothing this dominating.

Cadeon was in control, and she couldn’t fight against it.

“What are you thinking?” he asked.

“Don’t you know?”

He smiled, and his free hand circled her waist. “I want to hear it from your lips.”

Violet looked down at her tea. The brew was sweet, and she didn’t have the heart to tell him she didn’t like it.

“I don’t know what to do,” she answered him honestly.

“Relax.” He placed her cup on the tray and held her in his arms.

The entire situation was bizarre.

After a time he picked her up and moved upstairs with her. Violet held onto him and let him. In the short time she’d been in his company she’d come to realise arguing was useless.

He opened a door at the far end of the long corridor. She saw the large four poster bed, but he didn’t put her down. He went to one of the three doors along the opposite wall and placed her on her feet in the bathroom.

Cadeon went over to the large bath tub and began filling it with hot water. He tested the water and came back to her. Violet held her hands up to protect her clothes. She didn’t want him to see her naked.

“I’ll leave you to wash and rest. When you come out there’ll be a nightgown waiting for you.” He leaned down and brushed her lips with his and then left.

Violet waited long enough to make sure he’d left completely before unbuttoning her blouse and removing her skirt and underwear.

She walked to the bath tub and tested the water. It was perfect, and she got in. Closing her eyes, she allowed her mind to relax. Nothing was going to happen to her. She was safe. Being alone in the world had never been a problem to her. She had troubles like everyone else. For most part, her mother had tried to spare her the harshness of her life. Escaping had been Violet’s only option. Escaping and never getting close to anyone was the only way she could survive.

It would only be a matter of time before she had to leave. Cadeon was determined to get too close. She closed her eyes and saw her mother. The beautiful vision she’d been when entertaining one of her guests.


“Listen to me, Violet. You’re better than this. I never want you to feel as if you have to live this life. Do you understand me?” her mother asked.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Violet was thirteen and developing her body. She knew what her mother did to pay the rent and put food in their bellies. The constant stream of men unnerved her all the time. Especially the man who stayed and took half of her mum’s money.

“If I’m not here one day, baby, you’ve got to promise me you’ll run. Run and never look back no matter how hard it is. The priest can help you.”

“You’re scaring me,” Violet said.

Her mother grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “You’re not a little girl anymore, pet. They’ll see you and begin to want you. You’ve got to keep yourself safe. Promise me that no matter what happens you’ll be safe. Promise me.”

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