His Possession (The Owners, 1)

By: Sam Crescent

Violet couldn’t stop the tears streaming down her face. Her mother made sure no man came near her. She did not even go to school, just to private lessons from the parish priest whenever he had a chance. She had no one but the love her mother could offer.

“I promise,” she said and held onto tightly to her parent. Like many times before, her mother locked her bedroom door. Violet stayed in her room. Her hands wrapped around her knees as the sounds of violence penetrated the walls. There was nothing she could do. Mother always locked her door. No matter what she heard she could never leave her room.


Violet opened her eyes and gasped as the stabbing pain in her heart was too much. Her mother might have been a whore, but Violet had loved her with all of her heart. Taking the soap from the side of the bath she lathered her body and washed herself. Her hair took the longest. Her usual floral shampoo was still at home. She settled on the lavender scented hair wash. When she was done and the fear of the past had abated a little she grabbed a towel and dried her body.

Would Cadeon be waiting on the other side?

Closing her eyes and taking a breath, she entered the room. He was nowhere to be seen. A nightgown lay on the bed, and she saw he’d switched the light shades on either side of the bed, casting a soft glow around the room. Not bothering to take in her surroundings she put the night gown over her head. It was s silk gown that opened to her cleavage and settled around her ankles, its colour a beautiful peach.

She found a brush in a drawer and began to untangle the mess of her mid-back length hair. Going to the salon to get it cut seemed like an unnecessary expense. Her hair grip was in the bathroom. She wore her hair down and climbed beneath the sheets. Tired and exhausted from the day as soon as her head hit the pillow, darkness consumed her.


Cadeon sat in his office and took another gulp of his strongest whisky. Having Violet in his house was supposed to make him feel easier. Instead his nerves were on end. Something didn’t add up about the woman in his house. Picking up the file he’d made on her, he glanced through the paperwork. There was nothing new he could find. She was an only child with no parents. Her mother had passed away some time ago. According to the file, nothing brilliant stood out about Violet Moore.

Swinging down the last of his drink, he picked up the phone and dialled his friend and lead security man, Tate Allen.

“You’re calling me a little early. Doesn’t the bad Dom come out after dark?” Tate said.

“Don’t start. I’ve got a job for you, and I’ll make it worth your while.”

“You know the only thing I want.”

They’d argued many times about what Tate wanted. Cadeon refused to give her to him.

“I told you no,” Cadeon growled.

“Then I can’t help you.”

Tate hung up the phone, and Cadeon slammed his receiver back down. Pouring himself another shot of whisky he picked up the phone and dialled his number again. Tate wanted Rebecca Black for his own. He’d found her in a sex club being abused by an asshole who was into pain. He’d promised to help and keep her safe.

“My deal sticks. I’ll not do anything for you without her, Cadeon. I promised you I’d take care of her. Nothing has changed,” Tate said as soon as he picked up the phone.

“What about your friend, Kevin? Will he still take care of her?” Cadeon didn’t want to get into this argument.

The woman he wanted was upstairs and, he bet, lying in his bed. He wanted to go and join her. To hold her in his arms. Not have to sort through making deals with men for women.

“Kevin wants her, too. We’ll take care of her. We’ve promised you several times.”

“She’s delicate.”

“You either want us to do this job, Cadeon, or get off the phone. I’m tired of this bullshit. You can’t keep Rebecca from us forever. She’s ours.”

His grip tightened on the phone. “Fine, but I’ve got to be present at your meeting. If she doesn’t feel comfortable with you, you call it off, deal?”


“I want you to do some digging for me.”

“Give me the, name, age and sex and I’ll get it done,” Tate said.

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