His Possession (The Owners, 1)

By: Sam Crescent

“Violet Moore, twenty-one and female.”

“Any middle names? Anything else to go on?”

“She has no living family.”

“Cadeon, do you think this girl wants to stay gone for a reason?”

Cadeon drank down his second shot. “I don’t think anything. I want to know more about her.”

“Consider it done.”

The call ended, and Cadeon placed the receiver down. He knew he should call Rebecca, but he didn’t want to disturb her yet. Tate and Kevin always unnerved her.

He imagined he was worrying for nothing. Violet was just an innocent girl and not used to being around men.

“Is there anything else, sir?” Anne asked after she knocked on his offie door.

“No. You may leave for the night.” He waited, knowing she had something to say. “Say what you’ve got to say.”

“She’s young. You should be careful with her. She’s not like your other women.”

“How do you know about my other women?” he asked.

“I’ve seen the way you are with her. Be careful. If you squeeze too tight you may lose her forever.”

“Save the dramatic words for someone else. I know what to do with a woman.” Cadeon turned.

Anne bowed her head and left the room. She’d served the Ashwood house ever since he was a boy and his dad had been in control. A possessive instinct had been passed through generation from father to son. When they found the woman they wanted to spend the rest of their life with, they refused to let them go, instead taking over and making them dependant on them and them alone.

His possessiveness rose every time Violet entered the room. He had to hold onto himself to stop himself from having her. She was young, and he was forty years old. In his head he knew he should let her go and live her life. To be in the background, waiting until she came back. His heart refused to let her go. Violet was his woman, and he wouldn’t ever let her leave him.

Closing down his computer and shutting out the light he made his way up to his bedroom. One of the light shades was still on, and he saw her lying in his bed. Her hair splayed out on the pillow, the strands still wet from her bath. Cadeon stood next to the bed and gazed down at her. The blanket had slipped down her body, the peach, silk nightgown showing through. She wouldn’t have known the gown was made to be transparent. He saw the mounds of her breasts peeking over the edge of the bodice. He saw her nipples, dark red and tight budding against the gown. What would happen if he leaned over and pulled the straps and bodice down, exposing her tits for him to see?

He moved away from temptation and began to undress. Cadeon didn’t bother with a bath and took a quick shower. His cock, rock hard at the vision of her in his bed, threatened to destroy him. No woman should look so fine and beautiful. He grasped his shaft and palmed up and down the long length of his arousal. The release would be welcome as he didn’t want to startle her when he joined her in the bed.

In his mind’s eye he saw her laid out on the bed. He stripped away her peach gown and thought about her large tits.

His free hand he moved to the wall above. The spray of the water glided down his body.

Thinking about her naked had become a mental torture to him and one he hoped to rectify in the coming weeks. Having her alone for as long as he wished, Cadeon hoped to get her to open up to him. To tell him her secrets and let him care and love her.

Cadeon would give her the world.

His hand increased speed with every thrust. Seeing her on the bed drove him insane with longing. He thought about her waking up and smiling at him as he joined her. Touching her body and showing her the love he was capable of giving. His seed erupted from the tip and sprayed the wall of the shower stall. Gasping for breath, he continued to fuck his fist until every last drop escaped and he was left sated.

The water from the shower cleaned away the mess he’d made. He shut the water off, grabbed the towel she’d used, and wrapped it around his body. A second towel dried off his hair and chest. Walking into the room, he saw Violet was still asleep, but she was plagued with bad dreams. She winced, moaned and trembled.

Discarding the towels, he lifted the covers, shut off the light and joined her. Cadeon wrapped his arms around her and brought her close.

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