Her Breeding Bull Billionaire

By: Francis Ashe

“Kneel.” He said, before dipping two fingers into my slit for a moment. I let out a little moan and hesitated, hoping he planned to play with me more.

“I said kneel.”

The fingers came out and went to my mouth.

“Taste yourself. Lick these sweet juices off, and then put me all the way down your throat.”

Stunned, I flicked my tongue out, savoring my pussy, and went to my knees in front of him.


My lips barely touched his tip before Mr. Richards pushed forward, thrusting himself inside. He put one hand underneath my chin, stroking me, almost as though he was rubbing my neck to relax my throat. Pulling back until my tongue rested under his glans and then ramming forward again, his co**ck butted against the entrance to my throat, just like he had done in the office the previous day. I felt, already, my pus**sy getting so wet that little trickles of my sex juice ran down my thighs.

“Relax,” he said, “relax.”

Still stroking my neck, Mr. Richards thrust again, so far into my mouth that he gagged me.

I coughed twice and tried to catch my breath. He held me fast. Soon, my gagging calmed down and I had a moment to wonder what he was going to do with the rest of his prick before he pulled back again.

“Good,” he said, looking down at me with eyes that were oddly kind, “are you enjoying this?”

My first instinct was to say “no!” and push him away. Of course, my second instinct was the one I went with. I reached up, grabbed the base of his big, thick rod, and urged him back to my mouth. Turning my tongue around him made Mr. Richards breathe heavier for a moment. That was when I noticed he still had a hand tangled in my hair at the back of my head.

He pulled me nearer his body, making the tip of his di**ck slide slightly down my throat.

Again, my instinct was shove him back. But, as a drop of pre**cum slid down the back of my tongue, my mind changed.

That one savory droplet turned me savage.

I grabbed him hard, relaxed my throat and tugged him forward; something I had done before, but not for a long time, and certainly never with a tool this huge. I gagged again as he slid in, but the instant those heavy, hot balls touched my chin, I didn’t care anymore.

One hand turning hard, tight circles around his base, I let Mr. Richards move at his own pace. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t shy about what he wanted.

An “mmm...” escaped the man’s lips as he pulled back and then rammed himself home again, balls slapping against my face. The third thrust surprised me, and I gagged again. Something about my writhing and the tightness of my throat around his di**ck excited him and caused him to groan again, and push deep.

“Your mouth, Ashleigh, your mouth is incredible. It makes me wonder how that pus**sy feels.”

Off to the side, I heard Jeff grunt. He had undone his pants and let his stiff little prick stand up free, but he chose not to touch himself. Not yet, anyway.

Looking up at the beautiful, aggressive man whose co**ck was jammed down my throat, I saw him staring, transfixed by his rod sliding between my lips and over my tongue. He pumped again, and again, letting his mouth drop open slightly.

He pulled back, leaving a void in me that ached to be filled. At first, his throat-fucking hurt, but when he stopped, that seemed worse – like he made me need something, and then took it away, just to tease me. The look on his face told a different story though; it told me that if he didn’t stop, the load meant for my cunt was going to go down my throat. Fair enough. Mr. Richards grabbed my hair again and dragged me back to my feet.

As soon as I was up, he reached for his trousers and whipped out the belt. He popped it against his palm a couple of times, like he was thinking about his next move.



“Get my jacket,” he said, releasing my hair. “You’ll find something in the front pockets.”

I felt his eyes on me as I crossed the room. At first, my hand closed around what seemed to be a handkerchief, but when I withdrew it, I realized he had brought two swatches, rather long ones, made of some kind of satiny material.

“Give those here. Now put your wrists together,” a smile crept over his lips.

Expertly, he wove the material around and between my wrists and finished with a snug slipknot that, once tightened, did not budge when I struggled. “I wouldn’t do that,” he said when I tried to wiggle my wrists, “that will just make it tighter. Now, what to do, what to do with you.”

Mr. Richards circled me, striking the belt against his palm and clicking his teeth together.

What I want you to do is whip me with that thing, throw me over this couch, and take me from behind. God what I wouldn’t do for that to happen.

He paused behind me for a moment, and then I felt, for the first time, the sweet sting of leather against my ass.

“Oh!” I squealed, as the belt sent another surge up my body.

“Do you like that? Do you like being spanked?”

He breathed harder, almost desperate sounding, as the leather bit again into my ass. I lurched forward, bracing myself on my hands against the back of the couch.

Thwip! His strikes were growing harder and faster. Each one stung at first, warmed my flesh and left me aching for another.

Again and again the belt slapped my as**s and every single lash made me want more.

“Please!” I begged, “Please give me more! More and harder, Mister Richards! Please!”

He obliged me with another strike, another stinging whack.

Then, out of nowhere, as I expected more spankings, two of his fingers slipped inside my soaking wet, aching-to-be-fucked hole.

Throwing my head back and writhing with delight, I caught a glimpse of Jeff, who had started to pull on his di**ck as he watched Mr. Richards ravish his wife. “Yes!” I nearly yelled as his fingers turned inside my pussy, “yes! More! Ram those fingers in deep!”

Mr. Richards surprised me by looping his belt lightly around my throat and taking the two ends in his hand, like the reins used on a horse. He tugged my head back and dragged his fingers along my front wall, touching a spot that sent electricity up my spine before jamming in another finger.

I drove my hips backwards, forcing his fingers deeper.

His fingers working in circles and his palm pushed against my clit brought me, before I knew what was happening, to the brink.

A gentle, squeezing, tension between my legs soon gave way to the waves of my first orgasm, and forced my body to pulse rhythmically around those delicious fingers.

“Oh, is my dirty little girl cumming? Do you like how it feels to have a real man’s fingers inside you? Imagine what it’ll be like to have this big co**ck in there.” Mr. Richards let out a soft groaning sound as he stroked his length between my legs, withdrew his fingers and pushed his di**ck up between my lips. The top of his shaft stroked against me, getting all nice and slick from my juice. “Imagine how deep it’s going to be. How good it’s going to feel when your tight little pus**sy is all stretched out around me. You think that’ll feel good? Hmm?”

I heard Jeff let out a little sigh and caught a glimpse of him pulling on himself as Mr. Richards reached around my hips and pulled the head of his co**ck upward. Already I felt myself begin to go weak in the knees as he grinded against my swollen lips. Is he – is he going to make me cum again? So soon? Holy shit!

And then he stopped.

“Wh-why’d you stop?” I asked, whinier than I meant to be.

“I’m not here to please you,” he replied, “You brought me here to f**k you. That was a reward for how well you sucked my dick. I’ll let you cum again if you keep pleasing me.”

That was all he needed to say.

“Please, sir,” I said in my best little girl voice, “please f**k this pussy. He,” I nodded toward Jeff, “he never does it right. Please, please show me what a real man can do. I’ve never - never had one before just now.” Jeff gave a little grunt. I passively wondered if he’d made himself cum already.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He tugged on his makeshift reins, forcing my as**s against his muscled pubis and once again, the heat of his co**ck permeated my body, warming me inside and out. Mr. Richards gave me two simulated f**k strokes, back and forth between my legs, before he loosened the belt around my throat for a moment.

He slid his tip up and down the opening of my slit. On the second pass, I let out a shudder as I felt him wrestle inside my hole. Tight, still pulsing and tingly from the orgasm a few seconds past, my pus**sy was ready to be filled.

The pain of Mr. Richards’ co**ck sliding inside me was only partially mitigated by how incredible it felt to stretch around his incredible girth. I knew he was going to be bigger than Jeff, but he’s bigger than anyone I’ve ever had. With his co**ck buried halfway, he paused to give me a swat on the ass, and then pulled out until his tip almost left me.

The forceful, insistent way that he shoved back in surprised me. I was able to yelp out an “Aah!” before he tugged on the reins, sticking my voice in my throat. He pulled out again and rammed forward just a little deeper than he had been. Again, again – harder and rougher he crammed himself inside me. Each time he stretched my wonderfully sore, tired pussy, electricity shot up my spine that tickled my scalp. His hold on the belt rein eased a little, and one of his hands moved to my waist as he pumped out and in, faster and stronger, cramming almost his full length inside my sweetly aching sex.

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