The Assistant

By: Elle Brace

“Nah. A toughie like me? I’ll be fine.” She grinned, pulling me in for a quick hug.

My frown deepened. “Are you sure?”

“Yes! Now let me leave, woman! Jeez, you have serious attachment issues.” Amy’s joke made me roll my eyes.

“Just make sure you text me as soon as you enter your house, okay?” I gave her a stern look as she opened the door to my apartment.

“Okay, mother.” She waved before shutting the door behind her, and I faintly heard her footsteps echo throughout the stairwell of my apartment building.

I sighed as I picked up the pillows and placed them back into their original positions on the couch before collecting our used mugs. I put them in the kitchen sink and washed them. As I re-entered the living room, my phone buzzed. Frowning curiously, I unlocked it to find a text message. Amy? I thought to myself as I picked up the laptop and walked to my bedroom.

I clicked the green box to find a message from Adrian Kingston:

What are you doing?

My eyebrows shot up in surprise as I placed my laptop on my desk and took off my sweatpants. It was past midnight; surely he wouldn’t be calling me in to go to work now, would he? I decided to reply after I took off my bra and got into bed.

Just getting ready for bed. Why?

I pressed the send button and got under the covers comfortably before my phone buzzed in my hand.

I pressed on the message icon again and his name appeared:

Just curious. What are you wearing? ;)

I rolled my eyes and typed a quick goodnight before sending it, ignoring his attempt at flirting. Not even 30 seconds later, my phone buzzed again.

Ok fine. Be at the office at 7:30AM tomorrow.

We have an important meeting to attend too. Don’t be late.

I groaned into my pillow and threw my phone onto the bedside table in frustration. Was this life’s sick joke? A form of payback just because I spent a couple of hours having fun with my best friend?! I grabbed my phone to readjust my alarm clocks, to find another message from Adrian:

If you are late, I’ll have to punish you.

My eyes widened as I typed a reply.

Will you fire me?

I sent the message and bit my lip in anticipation as I went back to adjusting my alarms. As soon as I was done, my phone buzzed.

I was thinking a different kind of punishment.

One involving less clothing.

I frowned at the message curiously for a moment before the meaning behind it registered in my brain and I rolled my eyes.

I’ll make sure to be extra early then.

Goodnight, Adrian.

I yawned and was about to put my phone down when it buzzed again, twice. Letting out a frustrated sigh, I clicked on the message icon to find a message from Amy telling me she was kidnapped on the way home but that her kidnapper miraculously let her text me. I was far less thrilled at the second message, which was another reply from Adrian:

You’re no fun. :(

I ignored Adrian’s text and decided to reply to Amy’s:

I take it you’ve arrived safely. Good.

I’ve got a devil of a Boss making me be at work

an hour earlier than usual tomorrow, so goodnight. Xx

I put my phone on the bedside table and turned in the opposite direction, letting sleep take over.


“Emily, what are you doing here so early? What time did you arrive?” Suzie’s soothing voice came from the entrance to my office – making me lift my head up and blink at her in a daze.

“7:00AM. Mr. Kingston told me there was an important meeting on today and said I had to be here by 7:30AM,” I explained, making Suzie frown as I yawned. “Why, what time is it?” I asked curiously.

“It’s 8:20AM, dear. There is a meeting on today but it doesn’t start until 10…” She trailed off, a puzzled expression crossing her features.

My eyes widened as my frown deepened. “But-”

“When did he tell you that?” she asked, cutting off my sentence unintentionally.

“Last night! Just before I went to bed!” I exclaimed, before jumping out of my seat and shoving my things into my handbag. “Shoot! I have to go and get his coffee!” Allen and Lisa’s faces appeared in my mind as I dashed out of my office all the way to Starbucks in my black pumps.

By the time I arrived at the small coffee shop, I was out of breath. “Allen! Lisa!” I called out, anxiously waiting for a reply.

“Hey Emily, what’s up?” Allen smiled as he casually strolled out from behind a wall, wiping his hands on a blue and white checked cloth.

“I need Adrian’s usual, quick!” I stressed, pressing a $10 bill onto the cool glass surface near the cash register.

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