The Assistant

By: Elle Brace

Allen chuckled. “Did someone sleep in this morning?” he teased, grabbing a large cup from the stack near the coffee machines.

“No.” I groaned. “I did the opposite. Your jerk of a best friend told me to be in the office early this morning for a meeting – which I recently discovered doesn’t start until 10 – or he’d ‘punish’ me.” I groaned again as I looked at the time. 8:35AM.

Allen chuckled. I watched his shoulders shake from laughter while he poured milk into the cup. “Day 3, and it sounds like you’re already giving up.” Allen smirked, mixing Adrian’s order thoroughly.

I was about to reply to his statement but was cut off by a startling shriek.

“SURPRISE!!!” Lisa called out all of a sudden, jumping out from behind the wall holding a cup of coffee. “I made you your latté! I know, I’m an amazing life saver, you can thank me later. You’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on soon!” Lisa scolded with a smile as she handed over the heavenly smelling drink.

I was about to thank her but she stopped my intentions, once again by glancing at her phone screen and gasping. “And so will I if I don’t leave soon! Are you sure you’ll be okay on your own, Allen?” She had turned to her brother, who was pressing the lid down tightly onto the coffee cup.

Allen rolled his eyes as he handed Adrian’s order over to me. “Yes, Lisa! I told you that a thousand times last night. Hurry up, or you’ll miss your train.” He pushed her in the direction of the exit, and she grinned and waved before thanking him and disappearing out of sight.

“You should really leave as well,” Allen said, an amused expression crossing his handsome features once again. “The note you gave me covers both of your orders. It’s 8:42AM. You have around 10 minutes to arrive and put his coffee on his desk.”

I gave him a pained look. “Thank you so much. I’ll see you tomorrow!” I called out before I left and dashed through the hustle in the streets of New York.

I was in Adrian’s office by 8:57AM, placing his order in its proper spot, just where he liked it to be in. I sighed in exhaustion. I was going to kill him when he arrived.

I stared at the cup with the infamous label curiously. I didn’t actually know what the contents within the cup were, and never bothered asking anyone either. I felt my body slightly lean in so that my nose was in line with the hole in the cup’s lid, and I closed one eye to peer into the contents.

I could see a whole lot of foam and I could slightly make out melted chocolate on the surface of the drink. Before my investigation could continue, someone cleared their throat, and my head snapped up in their direction. Adrian stood at the entrance smirking, holding a few files to his chest with his left arm. “What,” He began, his smirk growing, “are you doing, exactly?” He asked this in amusement, not anger, and I felt my cheeks flame in embarrassment.

“I- uh, I was just – no, hold on a minute, you!” I glared, pointing an accusing finger in his direction as he closed the door silently behind him, the smirk never slipping off his plump lips.

“You’re doing me?” he questioned, his eyebrows rising. “Let’s get started then.”

I blushed furiously as his smirk grew. “You said to be here at 7:30AM! You said we have an important meeting! I-”

“We do have an important meeting,” he interrupted, walking over to where I was standing and placing the files in his hands on the desk.

“What was the point of making me come into the office so early?” I pressed him. “The only meeting I had was when I met all the cleaners this morning!”

Adrian chuckled as he came face to face with me. He bent his tall frame downwards so he could be at level with mine. “I like seeing you worked up. You bring out the feisty side of yourself and leave the innocent assistant behind temporarily.” A satisfied smirk reappeared on his lips as my eyes widened and my cheeks began turning pink again.

“T-that has nothing to do with you making me come in so e-early,” I stuttered, suddenly conscious of just how close Adrian was by inhaling the scent of his cologne.

“It made you angry, didn’t it? That was my goal. Payback for not playing along last night.” He was referring to the text messages, and I felt the temperature of my cheeks soar up higher as the mental images resurfaced in my mind.

He pulled me in to his torso before leaning down again so that his lips were levelled with my ear. “From my experience, that usually means three things. You’re either a lesbian,” He kissed my jaw line and moved down to my neck and I shuddered, making him move back up to my ear, “Which can’t be true because you react to my touch. You’re either taken by someone,” he moved his hand to the small of my back and pressed my body even closer to his.

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