The Assistant

By: Elle Brace

“But I’ve asked around, and they’ve all confirmed that you’re 100% single. Which brings me to my last conclusion.” He met my eyes and smirked, “You were wearing either nothing or very limited clothing, and didn’t want to share that with me because you’re too decent to do so. But don’t worry,” His hand slipped down and gripped my backside and I gasped, my eyes growing wide and my body flushing in heat.

His smirk grew. “Judging by your reaction, I’d say it’s the latter.” He held on to me for a few more moments before his grip around my waist slowly loosened, and he strolled over and took his seat behind the desk, leaving me flushed and flustered by his actions and his discovery.

He sipped his drink and began working normally, like I wasn’t in the room and our bodies weren’t melded together a few moments ago. I breathed in deeply. The air was mixed in with Adrian’s scent. I tried to pull myself together. I grabbed my coffee cup from his desk and cleared my throat.

“Would you like anything before I go, sir?” I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

“Be ready by 9:30,” he murmured, more focused on the papers in front of him.

I nodded, even though he didn’t see my gesture, and wrapped my fingers around the cool metal of the door handle before being interrupted.

“It’s a latté with extra foam, chocolate topping and 1 sugar.” I turned around in confusion, thinking he was talking on the phone to someone but realised what he was referring to as he lifted the cup of coffee up to his lips, bringing back how the he found me when he walked in.

I smiled slightly, still embarrassed from our previous encounter, before leaving his office.

Chapter Three

Saturday came rolling by way too quickly for my comfort, and I found myself growing nervous and fidgety throughout the day at work. If Adrian noticed my jumpiness at all, he didn’t make any comments on it.

“Have you got the list of all the names with you?” he asked as I was leaving the office, referring to pieces of paper that had the names of global business owners printed on it. I nodded and held up the documents.

“And I have your favourite pen with me in case you lose it,” I added, “Don’t forget to pick up your shoes from the man down the road from here. He’s probably done polishing them by now. You’re wearing the black pair. Have you decided who your plus-one is going to be yet?” I got my small notebook out to write down the lucky? girl's name.

“Yes. I’m taking a girl named Adrianna Coleman. If any press ask you about her, say she’s just a friend and that I don’t like my association with other females published – to respect their privacy, of course.” He smirked. “She’s amazing in bed.”

I raised an eyebrow and rolled my eyes at his last comment before putting the notebook and my pen back into my bag. “Is there anything else you’d like before I go?” I asked curiously as I briefly glanced at the screen of my phone to check the time.

“I’ve given Rita your address so she can work on your hair as soon as you get to your apartment. Just… relax, okay? You shouldn’t receive much attention at the event, but if you do, I’ll make sure to steer the conversation in a different direction.” As he assured me, he rubbed my back in a soothing motion.

I blushed at the gesture and at the fact that he knew why my behaviour was the way it has been throughout the day. I cleared my throat. “Thank you.” I murmured. “I’ll see you soon.” I gave him a small smile, before heading home.


“Are you Emily?” A blonde piped up, peering down at me as I ascended the stairs that led to the door of my apartment.

I smiled as I reached the last step. “Yes, you must be…Rita? Hello, thank you so much for coming. I’m sorry if I’m taking from your personal time.” I frowned, remembering that it was past 6PM.

“Nonsense!” she said, waving off my apology. “I love what I do, and I’m especially going to love working on your hair! It’s really healthy for blonde! What do you do to it?” She waited for my reply a she watched me unlock my apartment door.

I laughed, blushing slightly. “Uh… Shampoo and conditioner?” I replied uncertainly, my blush deepening.

She laughed and pinched my cheeks. “You’re too cute! Well then, I’m going to love having your hair to work with! Let’s get started. Adrian told me you needed to be at the office by 7:45 PM,” she squinted at her watch, “and it’s almost 6:30!”

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