Beg Me

By: Cassandra Dee

So yes, I’ve become Mrs. Christopher Jones, we made it permanent after finding out about the baby. And you know what? Nothing feels better than wearing his ring on my finger, trumpeting to the world that I belong to him, that I’m half of a whole, that I’ve found my one and only.

And as for Mr. Jones? Well, he still likes it when I call him that, so I do it for fun, as part of our love play, our teasing, our mutual adoration for one another. And although we started unconventionally, it’s ended well, and I can only look forward to our life together, exploring, loving, adoring, walking hand in hand as the days pass. Because it’s been almost two years now and the fire hasn’t dimmed, the flame still burns as strong as ever. And I know deep in my heart that it will burn that way forever because I’ve gifted myself to him, and in return, my man, my lover, has done the same for me.


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