Delivering the Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

The big brown eyes stared at me, her cheeks still stuffed with my penis. Slowly, she bobbed her head up and down, affirming the exploration and I groaned even as I released her hands to begin their work again.

Because the girl was about to give me a prostate massage, heighten and magnifying a male orgasm with soft strokes on the interior of my anus, caressing where only a finger could reach. So I held my breath as she began her penetration. Fortunately, the brunette’s fingers were small so the breach didn’t take long. She circled my pleats softly at first before applying firm pressure to my anus, and with a few thrusts, it popped and she was into my sphincter one knuckle, then two.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned gutturally, my dick hardening even more, my balls high and tight, ready to spray at any moment. So much blood had flowed to my groin that I was ready to shoot on a moment’s notice, I was so fucking turned on, my hands buried in the brunette’s curls as she sucked my dick and fingered my ass.

And she didn’t let me down. The pressure on my fuckrod increased, her mouth going at it like a powerful vacuum while her little hand worked its magic in my ass, softly teasing before rubbing in circles, nimbly finding that special place that blew up my pleasure tenfold.

And that was it, I was a fucking goner. “FUCK!” I growled, gushing like a fire hose on max. “FUCK FUCK FUCK!” I roared as I unleashed into her mouth, choking her with lash after lash of hot milk, the white flying furiously down her throat, filling her cheeks until they overflowed, semen dripping out between my penis and her lips, coursing down her chin to drop to the floor.

“FUCK!” I bellowed again, gripping her head tight as I fucked her mouth, my hips moving like pistons, forcing her to take it. But I could tell the pounding was overwhelming her, her eyes were watering, lips stretched unbearably by my size, so I let up. Although I hadn’t finished coming, I pulled out and sprayed the rest of my sperm onto the coverlet, a pool of hot liquid seeping into the cotton as my dick unleashed its power, its juice, jerking and spasming furiously.

And the brunette watched with wide brown eyes, amazed at the sheer amount I had to give. She’d already swallowed several mouthfuls and yet I was spraying more and more, coating her bed in a film of cum, my seed so copious and wet that the duvet was soaked through in a matter of seconds.

And after I’d finished orgasming, my big body heaving, sweat glistening on my chest and abs, my dick semi-hard still, dripping with remnants of semen, the little girl did something so disgusting, so rancid, that I was immediately ramrod hard again.

Because the little slut got on her hands and knees, nude, beautiful and wet, and shook her kitty at me before dipping her head to the coverlet and tonguing the pool of cream. That’s right, the kitty cat was lapping at my sperm, drinking the semen that I’d spilled and she was really into it, closing her eyes while savoring the taste, licking her lips like it was the best stuff on Earth. And I watched, mesmerized, the nastiness of her actions jumpstarting my pulse to about two hundred miles an hour. Because oh yeah, this girl was perfect for me … we were two parts to a puzzle and I’d just met my match.



Oh god, it was so delicious. I loved the fact that I’d just fucked my delivery man with no idea of what his name was, no condom, no nothing. It was so wrong and it turned me on, living on the wild side.

Because I’d been depressed and repressed at once, the divorce painful, and this hot action, this nasty little episode, was just the thing to shake me from my despair. So I completely let go, acting out my wildest fantasies, not holding back at all, sucking him deep while sticking my finger up his ass, drinking his juices, and after it was all over, pushing my tongue into the wet pool on the duvet.

And the big man loved it, watching my every move with ravenous eyes, his dick springing back to life even after he came.

“Fuck, little girl,” he rasped hoarsely, unable to tear his eyes away as I dipped my head for another taste of sperm on the coverlet. “Fuck, how’d you get so dirty?”

And I just looked up and smiled, pausing for a moment.

“Mister,” I murmured throatily. “It comes natural to me.”

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