Delivering the Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And I obliged. Slowly, I began pushing in, her flesh stretching, that pink hole struggling to fit my huge size, the girl wriggling with breathy little pants as she wormed her hips down, desperate to feel me inside her.

And my arousal wasn’t to be denied. I was so massive that my donkey dong shoved her upwards, her slim hips jerking up even as she tried to force herself down, the veins in my member bulging obscenely, shiny and coated in her vaginal juices, pre-cum trailing down my wooden shaft.

“Please Rafe,” she breathed. “More, more, more!”

And I did it. I grabbed her hips, forcing her down on my pole, jerking her in close until I was balls-deep, my testicles hitting her ass, bouncing against those soft cheeks.

And she couldn’t keep quiet, not with my penis slammed so tight in that curvy body.

“Aieee!” she shrieked, screaming with pleasure. And I gave it to her, deep, true, and unrelenting. I fucked that little body, all golden curves and gleaming skin until Jenna almost passed out from the pleasure, her eyes rolling back into her head, her cunny spasming with orgasm after orgasm, clenching down on my dick, milking me for my cum.

Because our life has changed a lot, or at least Jenna’s has. She’s cut off all ties with the Walshes and the Sterlings, she was never a part of that bunch. Sure, the Sterling brothers are rich as shit and influential, but after that call with Jake, I knew there was no way to heal the wound between my wife and his family.

So shit, we were done with them. As a member of the Connor clan, Jenna would be more than okay and had already booked her first show after the birth of baby June. We’d be more than fine, she was heading back to super-stardom as an international model.

But motherhood had been a sweet experience, and I knew Jenna enjoyed taking care of the baby, that she wanted more. And so she’d begged me for this second child.

“Please Rafe,” she said shyly, looking at me through her lashes. “A little boy this time,” she coaxed, “one that looks just like you.”

And how could I say no with her fingers running up and down my cock, stroking me to heaven? I was practically ready to do her right then and there, in the middle of my office during a workday.

So we’re back to fucking with no protection, my sweet girl and I. Our story is crazy, I know … the secret twin, the porn video, the confusing parentage. But our tale is no different from most families when you think about it. The difference is that we overcame the craziness together … always.


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