Eventide of the Bear

By: Cherise Sinclair

Calculation flickered in her gaze before her lower lip quivered, and she held her hands out. “You don’t understand, my love. Since you abandoned me, I’ve had a dreadful time. Look at where I’m—Minette and I are—living. Such a dump. We need you, Ryder.”

“Right. I can see how undernourished you are. The rags you’re forced to wear.” He ran his gaze over her well-fleshed body clothed in a perfectly fitted silk skirt and blouse. “I’m taking my child. I wouldn’t take you on a bet.”

“Oh, Ryder. Darling…”

“Move, or I’ll move you, and you won’t like it.”

“Damon,” she yelled. Her voice held the viciousness he’d grown familiar with before he left. “Stop him! Don’t let him take my baby.”

In Ryder’s arms, Minette had started to shake. She still hadn’t said a word. “Sorry, kitten,” he said under his breath.

Having managed to don his pants, Damon almost tripped on his shoes. He stood, swaying slightly. “But, Gen, you said she was a worthless brat. Why don’t you let him—”

With a scream, Genevieve launched herself at Ryder. She might be a wolf, but he’d learned the hard way she used her fingernails as effectively as any werecat.

Sidestepping, he caught her arm with his free hand and propelled her into the male. As they went down in a tangle of limbs and curses, Ryder looked back at the female who had destroyed his life.

He opened his mouth, then shook his head. There really was nothing to say. With luck, she’d forget her offspring and continue fucking her way through the males of Deschutes Territory.

Silently, he walked out of the house with his newfound cub.

Herne help them both.

Chapter Three

Cold Creek, North Cascades Territory – full moon

Benjamin Llwyd inhaled slowly. The firelight in the small room above the Wild Hunt Tavern glowed off the female’s dusky skin. The scents of musk, sex, and wood smoke hung in the air. Ben drove his cock deeper, pumping quickly. Sarah had already climaxed twice, but had come into arousal again before he’d gotten her moving and out of the room.

She wasn’t a particularly likable female. He’d only brought her to the mating room because it was easier to mate with her than to keep brushing her off. Nonetheless, a decent male didn’t leave a female in need. He’d get her off one more time.

As his balls drew tightly against his groin, his teeth ground together as he fought for control.

One more minute.

The brunette’s mouth twisted as she shoved her hips up. “Harder, dammit.”

No soft words and sweetness from this one—just demands. This was the first and last time he’d bring her upstairs.

He easily pinned her in place and angled his cock to rub against her G-spot. Right. There.

Under his palms, her muscles went rigid. Her back arched. Her cries broke forth, sharp and high, as her cunt spasmed around his shaft.

And as she came, he slipped out of her and shot his seed into the furs covering the floor.

Far, far back in his mind, he felt the Mother’s displeasure that he’d waste his essence this way. He had for years. After learning how his mother died, he wouldn’t impregnate a female, no matter the wishes of the Goddess or clan. Didn’t mean he couldn’t satisfy a female, though.

Beside Sarah, he propped his head on his hand and idly caressed her lush breasts as she recovered. He could feel the thudding of her heart under his hand.

She turned her head. “You’re as big as my sister said.”

He grunted a response. The God endowed his warriors with added size and strength. Ben’s size wasn’t anything of his doing—he’d rather be admired for his character.

Pushing his hand away, Sarah sat up and stretched, obviously not needing tenderness after mating.

Truth be told, he preferred the ones who wanted his attention after sex.

After a shower, Ben walked downstairs with Sarah clinging like a burr to his arm. Other shifters were on the way up. One female had a littermate on each side; another had three brothers.

An ache filled his chest as he remembered how he and Ryder would mate females on Gathering nights. Ben would direct, and Ryder’d add his own inventive ideas. Afterward, they’d cuddle the female between them. Once upon a time, he’d planned to share a mate and children with his littermate.

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