Her Billionaire's Bargain

By: Yvette Hines

Zac Powers is a rich man who always gets what he wants. Whether in business or his personal life. Not many people tell him, “No.” Until Kourtney Deen, a striking beauty, refused to sell her business to him so that he could put up a luxury spa and golf course. Business is business that’s what Zac has always believed. He refuses to get caught in the marriage trap like his cousins. However, the day he meets the feisty shop owner face to face, he can’t resist the attraction he has for her.

Kourtney refuses to allow herself to get distracted. No matter how tall, grey-eyed and handsome he maybe. That road has already been traveled. Years ago, she made some mistakes and had to make some tough choices. Now, the only two things she cares about are her daughter and the success of her shop.

In Zac’s structured life, things have always gone how he planned it, but one unexpected event leads to another. When he discovers that nothing is what it seems and there are secrets, yet revealed, he learns quickly that it is not his wallet he has to lean on, but his heart.

Chapter One

“Why the hell don’t I have the final contract and plans on my desk for the Grand Overlin project?” Zac stormed behind his desk and eyed the people filling the chairs on the other side. He’d just finished a meeting at the Strategic Improvement Development East team. SIDE was a group of civic organizers, businessmen and leaders in the city who discussed and planned advancements in the Charlotte area. They looked at all angles and levels, both economic and civil.

In a few days, he would be headed to the Mayor’s office. Mayor Layla Foxx was more than anxious to have the Overlin Project development underway. The success of it would mean more revenue for the city and after the political convention placed a hole in the Queen City budget, she was looking for big ways to fill it. Luxury and sports went hand in hand in Charlotte. Especially in a place where they had their own major league football, hockey and basketball teams, as well as the NASCAR industry.

After college he had considered relocating his dad’s business back to Seattle where his mother’s family was from. Katherine, his mother Adele’s sister, was married to Joseph Anderson and still lived in Washington. For Zac, Charlotte the city he had spent most of his life was starting to grow, fast, and he wanted a piece of the pie. Over the last ten years, he got more than a slice of it, but he was gorging on his prosperity. He was more successful than his father had been.

His cousin Alex was experiencing the same kind of corporate success. As were Alex’s two brothers Lucas and Mark in their own right. He was close to his three cousins. Just like him, they put career first and foremost. Well, except for Lucas who fell hard over a year ago when he was shot in the ass by cupid’s nine millimeter.

Shaking his head, Zac felt sorry for his older cousin, even if the man appeared happy with his wife and new baby. It would never happen to him.

Zac’s younger brother, Rand, was an artist and wanted no part of the business world. Rand had married his high school sweetheart a few years after leaving school. Another difference between the two of them.

Zac let his mind focus on The Grand Overlin project. It was what the city needed. Hell, what he needed. The success of it would give him the clout to seal other deals. Management of the new Independence stadium for one.

Dillon Rodgers, his personal assistant and Rebecca Sanchez his lawyer both stared back at him with anxious looks on their faces.

“Mr. Powers, we’ve had a lot of success in the last two weeks with the tenants and shop owners in that area agreeing to sign. They’re seeing this as an opportunity for retirement and new homes, bigger better things—”

Placing his hands flat on his desk, Zac locked his gaze on her. “I don’t care what they decide to use the large amount of cash we are tossing their way for rundown homes and stores that have barely stayed above water in years. As. Long. As. They. Are. Leaving.” He punctuated each word with a pause so she clearly understood his message. He wanted and needed this project to start yesterday and it was already taking much longer and stalling him from moving forward.

Rebecca glanced over at Dillon as if pleading for a little help. “They have all signed except…”

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