His Big Offer

By: Penny Wylder

One thing’s for sure though, Alice has got to hear about this.


“Picture this. You’re in a bar and you see a guy across the room. He’s so hot that you imagine ripping his clothes off right there, damn the audience. But you stop yourself. Why? Because odds are you think that he’s out of your league. I’ll tell you what, he’s not. Men don’t think twice about approaching women, and even though it can be terrifying, you should do the same. I don’t know about you, but I have way more fun flirting when I’m the one who initiates. There’s a reason men like the chase: It’s fun, and you should try it.”

—How to have a Fantastic One-Night-Stand as a Successful, Independent Woman, Heartmakers.com

I pull out my phone as soon as I’m sure that Chance is out of view. I have no idea if Alice will see this since she’s working and she’s not technically allowed to have her phone at her station, but she usually does. I text her.

So the CEO is hot. Mega hot. So hot I’m literally melting into the floor. Oh, and the job is amazing. They want me to write articles on sex and dating for their website. I’m writing an article and they’re going to read it when I’m finished. I would have an office!

I’m right about the fact that she has her phone with her, because she texts back almost instantly.

OMG. YES. HOT BOSSES ARE THE BEST. Also, ummm, hello that job is perfect for you! How much does it pay?

I forgot to even ask. I was too busy making a fool of myself in front of him. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it when I get home tonight. But if he doesn’t hate this article I’m TOTALLY taking this job even though it makes no sense!

Why wouldn’t it make sense?

Because this shit doesn’t happen, Alice. People don’t just get random job offers from blogs.

EMBRACE IT. You deserve it. Now stop talking to me and write that article! Oh, and if you have the chance to send me a picture of the hottie, please do!

I send her a heart emoji and click my phone off. She’s right, I need to get on this article, even though the thought of tracking down a photo of him to send to her is really tempting. I already have the perfect vision of him my head: Sandy blonde hair pushed to the side, the sleeves of his button-down rolled up to the elbows and showing off forearms that are just…gorgeous. Forearms are never something that I think of as sexy until I see good ones and then they practically make me salivate.

My mental picture pans down and shows the trim hips and waist and makes me want to find out what’s underneath. I’ve already gotten a feel, even though it was only for a couple of seconds. God, just imagining him fully clothed has me warm, and it’s leading me back to those fantasies about meeting him and having a one-night stand.

Actually…that’s perfect. I haven’t had any of those one-nighters that I would want to write about. They’re usually awkward and less fun than you imagine when you’re at the height of your tipsiness. But imagining what a night with Chance would be like? That would be fun, and I’d be able to write about it perfectly.

Despite my nerves and my continued disbelief that this is actually happening, I fall into my normal writing rhythm, and write my way through this fictional one-night stand as if it’s going to go perfectly. The fictional version of me is the awesome, badass, confident woman that I sometimes wake up feeling like. It’s the me I want to be. Hopefully it’s the me a lot of women will want to be. Chance is right, this is an article that will hit home. I would love to take home a man with confidence and know that it will be hot, fun, and perfect. It rarely ends up that way though, so anything I can do to help the ladies of the world I’ll consider a victory.

It’s a combination how-to and story about a fictional couple. The blend between the two is really working. I layer in maybe a little too much detail about the sex between this Chance and this Caroline because once I start thinking about it, I just cannot. Stop. Thinking. About. It.

I imagine the way his fingers would brush across my skin as he pushes the shirt off of my shoulders. His hands on my waist as he pulls my body against his so I can feel every hard inch of him, and the way he’d kiss me. Softly, and then deeper, pulling me in with that unbelievable gravity that he has.

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