His Captive

By: Cassandra Dee

What in the world is going on? What did I do to deserve this? Why would someone attack me out of nowhere?

But the thing is this wasn’t a random attack. There was the dark car that trailed me, the one that followed me on my walk. And it seemed like he knew where I was going, appearing and then disappearing in the corner of my eye. What the hell? My mind spins furiously.

But after a while, I lose track of time. A dull ache forms at my temples and eventually, I doze off to sleep after what feels like hours, bouncing and jouncing in the back of the car. Oh god, please let me survive this nightmare. Please, god, please, just let me survive and I’ll do anything you ask. I’ll be nice to Ann-Marie, I’ll work harder at my job, I’ll even volunteer in my spare time if that’s what it takes. Please, god, please …


Teeth chattering, I’m jolted awake. The car’s still moving but the air around me has dropped in temperature. It’s freezing and this time, my shivers are more like full-body shakes, chilled to the bone.

Usually, I can count of my extra body weight to generate heat and keep me warm, but today my fluff offers absolutely no relief. It’s as if my body has shut down completely, refusing to help.

Plus, my headache is worse than when I went to sleep. The dull ache has progressed into a full-on throb across the front of my forehead, the pain causing me to wince even in the darkness of the frigid trunk. Oh god, I’m losing it and my body no longer knows up from down or hot from cold.

But from the smooth rumble of the car, we have to be on the highway. I can’t remember anything except being hauled into the trunk, and then the metal slamming down. Did we go right? Turn left? Swerve in a U? Unfortunately, it’s all blurred together.

Trying to make the best of my situation, I struggle to stay calm. What is there to keep me sane? Ah ha, my favorite day dream, a boyfriend. Or more accurately, a book boyfriend. I concentrate on imagining a handsome alpha prince, a man so devastatingly charming that I can’t help but fall head over heels in love. He’s got blue eyes and black hair, and a wicked body, one that makes me salivate, nips going hard as my insides go weak. That’s right. If I could only find him from the back of this car, while locked in the trunk. Oh god, oh god.

But the voice in me tells me to stay strong. Calm down, Anna, it soothes. This is all gonna come to an end, sooner or later. He has to let you out of here at some point.

I take a deep breath, focusing on Mr. White Knight once again. Because people are always praising the wondrous powers of positive thinking, right? It’s at least worth a stab in the dark.

So closing my eyes, I will my mind to conjure up more of the dark prince, with the hard muscled chest, the line of his vee leading to a huge, dripping cock. Oh yeah, that cock is gonna keep me alive, it’s going to help me focus and stay calm.

Bobbling in my fantasy, I hum to myself, dreaming of the prince. Hours seem to pass as the man continues to drive, and blearily, I note that he hasn’t once stopped for gas. Maybe he did while I was asleep? Or maybe we haven’t been driving for as long as I think, maybe I’m just going insane in captivity.

Take a deep breath, the voice in my head chimes. Think, Anna, think! What do you remember? What did you see about him?

But all that comes to me is that deep, dark voice.

Hold still, bitch.

The words echo in my mind, but they don’t scare me for some reason. The voice was low, commanding and rough, but it wasn’t mean. It was sexy in its own way.

You’re crazy, the voice in my head screams this time. You’re absolutely nuts, Anna! He called you a bitch! What is this, some kind of weird Stockholm syndrome, where prisoners fall in love with their captors?

But the thing is I hadn’t been scared. There was something about that deep rumble and the strong arms that held me tight. Sure, they manhandled me into the trunk, but it wasn’t a rough shove, it was more of an urgent push, movements that made sure I was comfortable and safe even though I was being kidnapped.

Do you hear yourself? My mind screamed again. You’ve been abducted for crying out loud! There’s nothing comfortable and safe about being kidnapped!

That was true because the trunk of this car was effing cold, and I shivered painfully again. Oh god, oh god, it had to be night time now. We had to be going on at least ten hours of driving, and I pounded again the trunk above me again, but it was no use. We were speeding along, and there was no one to hear. Instead, my mind went crazy with wild thoughts.

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