In Love With My Boss

By: Audrey Tolhouse

(Comedy Romance Book 1)

Chapter One

Best Job in the World

THE CLOCK HAD barely twitched to nine am and Mr. Melone was walking from the elevators. The secretary greeted him with a smile. He either didn’t notice the little blonde’s flashy grin or he did and still chose to ignore her. The latter was more likely. What Jennifer did notice is that when James looked up and locked eyes with her, he smiled.

Her heart swelled just as it did every morning they held eyes. He made his way down the corridor to his office where Jennifer waited holding folders, files, coffee, a breakfast bagel and notes for his morning debriefing. When he came into earshot, he said, “You’re looking good, Angel. Ready for my rundown?”

Jennifer nearly giggled. She would have liked to think that James’s personal name for her would have lost its effect after three years. It hadn’t. Just as her heart had threatened to stop the first time he told her that she was his little angel, it seemed like it could still explode. Of course, it never did. It kept beating merrily along, although probably 20 beats faster. It caused her cheeks to warm to a rosy glow.

James opened the office door and stepped in. Jennifer followed him inside, cradling his favorite morning coffee and bagel dangling from a to-go bag in her hands. Once inside, James turned on the lights. He immediately went about his morning ritual of opening and raising the blinds and cracking the windows to allow for the best breeze the suite at 500 N. Michigan Ave downtown Chicago could bring.

Jennifer watched him move, loving the way his cream colored collared shirt clung to his body. She took her seat just in front of his immaculate desk, thanks to her, and sat his breakfast down. She left the folders, files, and notes of his other clients in her lap. A few deep breaths calmed her heart. She had long since mastered the art of remaining professional in front of his heart-stopping gaze.

Once he had arranged the room’s lights and blinds to his liking, James joined her from his captain’s chair. He sat down with a triumphant sigh of relief. He froze for a moment in the chair, needing a moment to press the button that would switch his gears and turn his business mind on for the day. After a second, he sat up suddenly and drew on a deep well of air.

“Alright, let’s get this party started,” he clasped his hands together and rubbed. “What do you have for me?”

“Overnight mail and messages have been read, sorted, and non-essential emails have been replied to and corresponding conference calls and meetings made. You have five emails that are urgent and need your personal attention,” she paused, “Would you like those messages right now?”

James pulled the coffee cup towards him absently for a tasting sip. He grinned. “I forget how well you know me,” he commented, taking a deeper drink. He grabbed for the bag, breathing another sigh of relief when he saw the contents inside. “Any meetings?”

“Yes, two. One at ten and another at 11. The ten o clock is a telecom and the 11 is the Dryson contract.” Jennifer paused, watching James take a bite. He could have been a model for Calvin Klein jeans shooting a promotional for Annie’s café, the little corner shindig she went for his breakfast every morning. He was young, out of his twenties and tiptoeing beyond. You couldn’t tell it by his face though, adorned with a precious five o’ clock that was immaculately trimmed and maintained.

James was a breed of man Jennifer was certain most other men must have dreamed about. He was polite and kind with dashing deep blue eyes and a sharp cut of chin. He had it all, literally. The money, the successful business, and scores of hot women lined up for his attention just in case they caught his eye. Maybe that last part was an exaggeration, but Jennifer knew women who had their eye on them.

It wasn’t uncommon for a woman or six to attempt to discreetly find more information about him from her. She always smiled and gave the same answer, “Mr. Melone would love to discuss potential business opportunities with anyone. Just give me your name and a good time to call and I’ll be sure to get you a meeting with him.” That usually shut the women up and kept them moving on in their stilettos.

“Has Katie called at all?”

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