In Love With My Personal Assistant

By: Audrey Tolhouse

Jennifer snapped her eyes to her desk, where Andrew leaned, half on her desk, and half off lazily, as if she were late to an appointment she knew nothing about. He was sexy and tantalizing.

“This isn’t awkward is it?” He said calmly with a gentle chuckle. He pointed towards the office door. “Can you get that?”

Jennifer swallowed back tightness closing her throat and pushed the door shut. She would have liked to believe that seeing Andrew would have made any doubts and second guesses about everything fade away. Instead, she just had apprehension in her gut.

“I did not expect to see you this morning,” she said softly. When she thought Melone was out of the picture, Andrew was more than a breath of fresh air, but now she was starting to wonder. Had she only been so quick to accept his feelings for her because she was trying to get over Melone? She hadn’t even known she was trying to get over him, Melone that is.

Andrew shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, I know,” he smirked and let his gaze lazily take in the full sight of Jennifer. “I just didn’t see you all weekend,” he chuckled and fell silent.

Staring into his dark eyes, Jennifer felt her body begin to relax. That’s right. She hadn’t seen him all weekend, or texted him either. Melone’s curve ball really threw her for a loop. Andrew had fallen silent, assuming that she was going to really focus on a product line for her bags. He thought that because that’s what she told him she’d do. She didn’t though. She lied.

Instead, most of the weekend was spent trying to stave off her thoughts and feelings that had come barging back full force. She never felt more confused and like a little girl stuck in high school than she had that past weekend. No amount of ice cream, wine, and cheesy chick flics helped her solve her dilemma. Monday was back, sooner than she expected, and she still had no clue how she was going to handle the situation.

“So, how’d it go?” Andrew asked smoothly. He motioned for Jennifer to come to his side. She couldn’t resist his sexy draw and felt her body moving towards him. He always had a bit of a calming effect on her. He was so relaxed, she couldn’t help the way her mind fell at ease around him.

By the time she stood in front of him, her racing heart had subsided some. Melone was still a thought somewhere in her mind, but as she stared into Andrew’s eyes, she remembered the way his lips felt on hers and she smiled.

Andrew cupped her cheek and frowned. “Oh, my female sense is tingling.”

Jennifer laughed—the first real laugh out of the past two days. “You have a female sense now too?”

Chuckling, Andrew nodded. “It just tells me things that help me understand the creature that is the female.”

Jennifer couldn’t hold back the squawk of laughter that rumbled in her throat. She felt Andrew’s hands cradling her around her back and relaxed into him with a soft sigh. It was a feeling she welcomed and missed. She shouldn’t have avoided him over the weekend. That was a stupid thing to do.

“So what’s your female sense telling you now, Superman?” Jennifer asked with a deep breath. She regained her composure in Andrew’s arms.

Still grinning, he answered, “That something’s on your mind.” Her smile disappeared quickly. Andrew grew somber. “You can tell me about it if you want,” he said softly. Jennifer’s breath left her. She said nothing. Her mind was completely blank.

“Is it about me heading back to Colorado for a couple of weeks?” Andrew asked. Jennifer’s face morphed into confusion.


“Didn’t James tell you?”

Jennifer blinked. “You’re going back to Denver?”

“Just for two weeks or so. We’re having problems with Jerry over there. He was supposed to help set the offices up. He’s way behind schedule and Melone is considering just letting him go because he has jeopardized Carnal and Seogen.”

Again, Jennifer blinked. At first, she felt nothing, but that nothing was quickly washed over in a wave of anger. She couldn’t believe James would stoop to such a level. And when exactly did he determine they had an issue in Denver? She should have been the first to know about it and all weekend her phone was silent from both managing partners of the firm.

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