In Love With My Personal Assistant

By: Audrey Tolhouse

“What’s that look about?” Andrew asked curiously. He stroked Jennifer’s cheek while his eyes lingered on her lips.

“What look?” She tried to shake her face blank. She needed to remain in control. She didn’t know what type of game James was playing, but she wasn’t going to be caught being the fool. “So when do you leave?”

Andrew smiled. “My bags are already packed. I’m taking my own plane out. Figured it’d be better because then, I can hop back in a couple of days for a bite to eat with you.”

Jennifer chuckled. How could she forget he actually owned his own plane? “You can do that?”

“Sure. It’s just a two hour trip,” he shrugged. “It’ll give my pilot something to do.”

Forcing a chuckle, Jennifer looked down. “You’re serious.”

Andrew smirked and lifted Jennifer’s face again by pushing on her chin. “My phone will still work. You can text. You can call.”

She forced a smile. He thought she was upset about him leaving for two weeks. That thought hadn’t even settled over her. She was still trying to grasp the concept of James actually having the balls to ship Andrew away for two weeks. That was just absurd and he was completely overstepping the line of professionalism.

“I was thinking that I might come back on Wednesday,” Andrew’s hands settled on her waist. His gentle squeeze brought Jennifer back to reality.

“Wednesday,” she repeated blankly. Andrew nodded and searched her face.

“Wednesday. Think you’ll be okay without me until then?” He smirked at her.

Jennifer tried to smile, but found she couldn’t. Instead, she frowned. Andrew ran his thumb over her lips, and then pulled her into him for a kiss. She didn’t resist, but caved beneath him, falling into the kiss that her body had silently craved for and demanded.

She really missed him and didn’t even know it until just then. She didn’t even understand her reasoning by ignoring Andrew all weekend. What did that accomplish?

He sucked her breath into his mouth with another strong and steady kiss. Jennifer lost herself in it this time. She kissed him back eagerly, covering her hands with hers as he cupped her face and pulled back with difficulty.

“I’m actually already late,” he breathed softly. “I refused to leave without seeing you though. Just don’t tell James you saw me,” a deep chuckle rattled near her ear, shaking Jennifer to the core.

Her mind seemed to process that sentence and she pulled away and met Andrew’s eyes again. “You’re going to be gone for two weeks?”

He smiled easily. “I’m coming back Wednesday for lunch with you, remember? Just don’t forget,” he winked at her. “Okay?”

Jennifer smiled weakly and nodded eagerly. “Sure thing.”

“Okay,” Andrew kissed her again. She felt the full softness of her heart aching. Andrew hovered, unwilling to pull away. “James is going to be so pissed,” he chuckled and ran his hands along Jennifer’s arms. She shivered beneath his touch and watched him closely.

“How late are you?”

“I should have been gone an hour ago,” he smirked. Jennifer’s lips trembled. She forced another smile. It wavered and faltered, staggering across her lips like an injured stag.

“I guess just let me know when you touch down,” she didn’t know what else to say. Andrew’s eyes ran over her face slowly.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded. It was barely a moment. Andrew hesitated, but then stood. Jennifer stepped away from the desk. He smiled at her and took a deep breath.

“Remember, don’t tell Melone you saw me today,” he spoke with a smile.

Jennifer nodded. Again, there was brief hesitation; but, in an instant, Andrew turned and headed towards the door. She watched him walk, feeling a bit like perhaps her heart might be breaking. She didn’t honestly understand the feeling.

She really liked the fact that she didn’t have to wonder with Andrew. He was always upfront with her. She appreciated that kind of thing. Except this weekend, she had really begun to question just what that looked like. James told her that he had always been in love with her. Andrew hadn’t told her anything like that.

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