Loving The Enemy

By: Jordan Silver

I’d told him how negligent and disinterested my parents were. How daddy had shown his love with things and not time, and mom was too caught up in her own life, and this sweet man had made it his mission in life to make up for their lack.

“I do so love you Mr. Storm.”

“Not as much as I love you. Come on let’s go before she breaks it down.” I stifled my laughter at the sound of Simone banging on the door and yelling for us to hurry up.

“I guess I’m stuck with that pain in the ass for life huh.”

“Of course, she’s carrying my God baby, what do you think.” She heard and answered him herself. We said our goodbyes to the others who were still debating the placement of furniture in the nursery, and left.

Outside there were no flashing cameras or raised voices shouting invasive words at us from across the street or anywhere else. I don’t know how, but I suspect Jason and Mr. Bastille had something to do with this new turn of events.

Since he’s forbidden me to leave the house without him unless Simone was with me in my last trimester, I knew his reasons for that were about more than just protection for the pregnant whale, but to keep the press from getting near me.

Because her dad had an embargo against anyone who took her picture, their hands were tied. Storm just has them all fired.

His hand stayed in the small of my back until we were seated in the car, me sandwiched between my two protectors, feeling safe, protected and loved.


I need my head examined for letting her do this. She’s almost ready to give birth, but because it kills me to say no to her, or to know that she needs something I can give her, anything no matter what, we’re here.

We’ve hired help to come in after the baby comes, but they wanted to do this part themselves. I watched her now as she laughed over something with her friend and that feeling of intense love and joy was still as strong now as the first time.

I’m beginning to doubt that I’d ever stop wanting her with every breath. I keep waiting for things to get boring, for me to not want to rush home to her two hours before end of business. But each day brings new meaning. There’s always something new and exciting when seeing life through her eyes. And then there’s the baby.

We spend more hours talking about that little bean that wasn’t here yet, but had taken over ninety-five percent of our lives, than anything else. I find myself already imagining life when he gets here, and instead of the noose I always expected to feel around my neck, I feel like the best part of my life is about to begin.

We’d moved into her childhood home because it was hers, left to her by her dad. We’d sold my place because all the women in my life had argued me to death about my child’s need for more space.

Mom had moved in with us. Estelle and Celeste were still battling over who was going to be the nanny and Simone might as well have moved in. And all of this was for my girl, it’s what made her happy, and what makes her happy gives me life.

She stopped in the middle of her conversation with Simone and looked over her shoulder at me as if she knew that she was on my mind and in my sights. The bright smile she gave me got me right in the heart like a bulls-eye and as if planned, we walked toward each other.

I took her face in my hands and to the sound of Simone’s grumbles and gagging effects, I kissed her.

The End

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