Loving the Babysitter

By: Cassandra Dee

“And then,” Alexandria said, leaning over conspiratorially, “Patty was locked in the bathroom, did you hear?”

I shook my head. Honestly the blonde’s babble was so annoying, like a bee that never stopped buzzing, and I’d tuned her out, nodding at all the right moments, but barely responsive.

“Oh you!” she breathed. “Of course you heard, Patty Martin was locked into her bathroom by her own husband because he suspected her of cheating with Grady Owens, his frat brother from college. Isn’t that so juicy? Oh my god!” she squealed.

I forced myself to look interested although this women’s gossip was so fucking boring.

“Oh really? How did he know she was cheating?” I asked smoothly.

“I told you!” Alexandria squealed once more. “He found a pair of boxers in their laundry basket with another man’s semen stains!” she chortled, laughing so hard.

This was fucking disgusting on so many levels. First, the thought of another guy’s dirty laundry was just fucked up, that shit was nasty. Second, semen stains? Who the fuck was dumb enough to chuck that into someone else’s laundry? And last, Alexandria herself, the dumb bitch was cackling loudly at her “friend’s” misfortune, relishing this Patty person’s problems. Even though I’m no angel, at least I keep to myself instead of busting up like a barrel of monkeys in the middle of a nice restaurant.

Because other patrons were turning to look at us now, the blonde’s laughter so raucous, so loud that they couldn’t help but glance over. And Alexandria made the most of it, leaning in close to me, bending that blonde head towards mine to make it look like we were in love, a gorgeous couple dressed right, eating at the right place, powerful and wealthy.

“It’s so nice to be back together, isn’t it Pete?” she cooed, stroking my arm with those red nails.

Bile rose in my throat then, a nasty taste in my mouth because this woman was the opposite of sexy, someone who drained me of all energy. But I forced myself to keep up the farce, to smile and say smoothly, “Of course, it’s nice to spend time together again.”

And she tossed her hair back flirtatiously then, green eyes gleaming like a cat.

“I can’t wait to see you again,” she cooed. “Like soon, real soon.”

My blood curdled, this woman would hunt me for dinner if she could, eating my bank account as dessert. So I made excuses.

“We’ll see,” I rumbled. “My daughter needs a lot these days, I’m a single dad now.”

And Alexandria laughed lightly.

“Oh I know all about kids!” she jested. “They love me, they love Aunty Alex.”

I shook my head with disbelief. There was no way kids liked her, it’s more like they ran screaming when they saw the Wicked Witch of the West with her fanged smile and pointy hat. But I nodded, giving nothing away.

“Sure you do, sure you do,” I rumbled. “Check please.”

And the waiter, ever accommodating, immediately nodded and scurried off to do my bidding. I leaned back in my chair, picking up the cloth napkin and putting it on the table. God, this dinner had been horrendous, really painful, and I was looking forward to getting back and seeing Mandy. I mean, seeing Violet. Right, my daughter, not the babysitter.

But unbelievably, there was a touch on my knee under the table.

“Wanna play tonight?” cooed Alexandria, looking up at me flirtatiously through her lashes. “Wanna play, big boy?”

I shook my head, trying not to look disgusted because the waiter had just come back with our tab and overheard every word of her come-on. I waited until he left, and then covered her hand with my own, stopping its ascent up my knee.

“Not tonight, baby, not tonight,” I rumbled. “I have an early meeting tomorrow morning, this isn’t a good time.”

Alexandria just cooed again.

“Oh you, men always have to work,” she gushed. “Well, next time then. How about tomorrow?” she asked, eyes sparkling brightly, conniving.

And I shook my head imperceptibly.

“Sorry babe, got a packed week ahead. I’ll call you,” I said with finality. And with that, I stood, ushering the blonde out of the restaurant, heads turning as we made our way to the door. I have to admit that we were a sight to see, both of us tall, physically attractive, Alexandria wearing obviously expensive clothes and jewelry, her face made-up like a doll. But all I wanted was someone natural, a little less calculating, with no agenda. Someone innocent and sweet, with a good heart and gentle disposition. And I had a feeling that someone was at my house right now … waiting for me to come home.

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