Loving the Babysitter

By: Cassandra Dee

Oh god, oh god, it felt so fucking amazing. But this was such an awkward position and I’m a big girl now, I can’t balance on my hands forever. So I sat back down, the water buoying me lightly, caressing my curves, my ass coming to rest on the porcelain once more. I wanted more, was desperate for more, but how to get it? Suddenly, something caught my eye. Holy cow, could it be true? Why hadn’t I noticed before? Because right next to the spigot was a removable shower head, the kind that you can hold in your hand while you spray yourself, rinse yourself off.

And practically purring now, I reached for it, taking it off its holder and caressing it with my hand. Oh fuck yes. This was exactly what I needed in more ways than one. Because not only could I use it to direct water straight at my cunt, but I could also fuck myself with the shower head if need be, I could caress my clit with it, stick it up my hot passage. So with a naughty smile, I flicked on the spigot once more, this time pressing the button that indicated shower. And with a muted gurgle, the head came on, blasting me.

Oh shit, the water was cold, and I jolted back for a moment. But within seconds, the water warmed and I adjusted the spray until the pressure was just right, a thin stream of liquid pulsing from the center of the head. Delicately sitting back once more, I raised my hips again so they were just at water level and pointed the golden tool at my pussy, water spraying relentlessly.

Oh god, oh god, fuck yes, this was it. The water felt so good and I reached my other hand between my legs to spread my labia so that the spray could pound my clit, massaging me, making me whine and wriggle in the bath. Oh god, it was so slippery, nub pulsing with arousal, nipples about to burst, they were so hard and sensitized.

But it was the feeling in my cunt that drove me over the edge. The spray was so fucking good, making my clit shiver and twitch, and I pulled the shower head even closer to my pussy until I was blasting myself from only inches away. Mr. Parker, I moaned slightly, my lips parting to speak his name. Mr. Parker, Mr. Parker, I moaned over and over again, the syllables feeling so right on my lips as I dreamed of the big man, pretending he was there in the bathroom with me, watching me frig myself to heaven.

And with that, I came hard, pussy losing it. By now, the shower head was right up against my wet lips for maximum pressure and I burst, a hot gush of cream squirting from my hole, sweet white melting into the water. My boobs quivered and shook with orgasm, cunt clamping down hard, once, twice, then dissolving into a series of jerks and twitches as electricity shot to my fingers and toes, making them tense and clench, back arching as I came again and again.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, water was splashing everywhere now, my curvy body rocking in ecstasy. The non-stop thrashing caused tidal waves in the tub, displacing gallons of bath water, lapping over the edge again and again, so thunderous and right, and I let go completely, throwing my head back and moaning throatily, a deep, guttural cry of “Mr. Parkerrrrr!”

And finally, finally, it was over. Inhaling deeply, I leaned back in the tub, panting, slickly juicy as the trembling subsided, as the world came back into focus. Breathing hard, I let myself go for a moment, floating into the haze, my body relaxed yet alive, tingling with sensations. But a slight slapping sound invaded my reverie. It must have been my imagination because I was done, my orgasm subsided. But then the sound grew more distinct, more forceful. What the? It couldn’t be the water still sloshing on the floor, there was no more whirlpool, the storm had passed.

But the clapping was now even more distinct and I sat up sharply, eyes flying open. Oh god. It hadn’t been my imagination. Because there was Mr. Parker himself, blue gaze hot on me, still dressed in his suit pants and button-down shirt as he clapped, eyes devouring me.

“Mandy,” he ground out, blue gaze hot. “I had no idea you were so dirty.”

And I flushed. Holy shit, my boss had just caught me touching myself in the tub, blasting my pussy with water when I was supposed to be watching his daughter, when I was on his dime. And my eyes grew wide once more, chin trembling, senses on alert … because Mr. Parker was going to punish me, wasn’t he?



The house was oddly silent when I got home. That wasn’t too strange, after all it was past Violet’s bedtime but usually Mandy watched TV or did homework at the kitchen counter, so there were at least lights on somewhere. But this time the entire first floor was dark, so I dropped my keys on the counter top and strode up the stairs. Maybe Mandy had fallen asleep in Violet’s bedroom, sometimes my daughter needed someone to stay with her until the monsters went away.

And wearily sighing, I massaged my neck. The date with Alexandria had been painful, the woman got on my nerves with her nails-on-chalkboard voice and possessive ways. Funny how I’d forgotten, but one dinner had been enough to bring it all rushing back, reminding me of exactly why I dumped her so many years ago.

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